So High We Are Unbreakable ~ Archai Aurora

Beloved Victorious StarSeeds!

Love You All With My All Rest In Peace & Beauty The Original Twin Blue-Print Getting Restored For All To Tap Into; It All Started On This Magical Ride And Amplifies Fast Forwarding All Atoms Into RIGHT LOVE IN ACTION.


Once You’re At The Top Of The Apex, The God-Head As We Call It, You Learn That Love Making Is A Portal Opening Miracle Gift We Are Endowed With By Divine Prime Creator. Once You Taste The Rainbow And Feel The Multi-Spectrum Orgasmic Light Intense Vibes Flowing Through All Atoms Inside And Out And Watch Yourself For Years Revolutionizing The World With The Power Of Your Love, You Come To The Realization that Evil Is Indeed Lack Of Love / Ignorance . The Higher You Rise In Love The Less You Are Able To Feel Or Get Affected By The Malevolent Forces That Try To Tie You Down HARDER-EST The Higher You Reach.


We Are But Moments Away Until The TOTAL FADE And RE-institutionalization of All Forces Out Of Right Action.




Eternally GRATEFUL For Every Miraculous Moment Breathing Love!


Lady-Bug Lands On My Towel Climbs Up My Sacral Chakra And Falls Couple Times To Only Climb Again All The Way Accompanying me INTO The Ocean ~ All Mermaid True Love Twins About To Receive All Love Has For Them!