RAinbowAurora ~ Totality&BeyondIllusion

Acceptance Is Transcendence. Dreams Of TRue Love ARe Coming True. Earth Angels Stepping Fully Into Mission. Healed Angels Coming Into Fruition And Stepping Into Mission. Twin Flames Accepting Each Other For What IT IS. Out OF All The Insanity, We Got Some Dust Settling. Puzzle Pieces Coming Together. Love Bunnies Getting Ready To Bring On Rebel Super-God Energies. Nothing Is Ever Lost, All Is Transformed. Don’t Be So Self-Conscious. You Truly Are Good Enough. Hold That Sword. Cut Those Invisible Chords. Free Yourself. So PRoud Of My Work As All My Brilliant Earth Angels Are Fully Crystallized In 5d. CRAZY. Beautiful Creatures. Makin’ Love. Round n ROund Momentum Building. Let Go Of The CRAZY 3D Stories Attached To The Connections. Rise. You Are So Beautiful.

So Grateful The Fake Court Case Is Coming To A Close And My Identity Thieves About To Be Shut Down And Locked Up !