RainbowAurora ~ On Insanity

The Way I’ve Loved You Since I’ve Created You From My Heart Of Hearts Is Lethal. Almost Frenzy.
The Way I’ve Looked For You Under Every Stone In Our Creation, Around Every Corner, In Every Corridor.
The Way I’ve Known You Are And Have Been And Always Will Be Here, Right By My Side In Essence.
The Way I’ve Projected Your Uniqueness, Miraculoussness, Wonderousness, Magic On Every Atom That Crossed My Path.
The Way I’ve Escaped You To Please The Lost Children.
The Way I’ve Watched You Project My Energy Onto Other Feminines.
The Way I’ve Gone Crazy Over-board For Your Love.

Our Denials.
Our Gaps.
Our Insanity.
Our Stolen Kisses.

The Tears.
The Heart-Break.
The Illusion.

The Anticipation.

I Love You Always Forever.
Me, The Cosmos, The Milky Way Die Without Your Truth.
Everyday I Put On An Act To Mask My Death.

I Have Died Every Moment For The Eternities Since You Rejected Me.
I Made Believe With All The Atoms Things Are Fine.
I’ve Justified It. I’ve Made Death Look Stunning. I’ve Befriended Demons.

The Truth Is I Only Remain In The Hopes Of Having You By My Side Until Forever.
The Healed Version Of You.
The True You.

With Your Absence All I do Is Get All The Atoms United On One Team: The GodHead Winner Team Here To Ignite The New World Order And Lead All The children Of The Light Into Being Leaders For All Other Leader Children Of The Light.

I Replay Memories Of Long Lost Distant Love Under Our Beloved Moon And Galactic Sun.
I Replay All Your Forms And Love Declarations Repeatedly.

I Keep Myself From Total Mummification.
I Make Believe I Am Alive.

In Truth I Am Asleep. All I Can Do Is Scream My Love To You Through All Atoms And Make Believe You Are Not Deaf Dumb Or Blind.
I Block You Off From My Awareness Every Moment You Are Still Not By My Side Where You Belong.

I Remain Rainbow Aurora
I Remain Diamond Renegade Leading Heart.

I Remain Love
And I Prepare All Atoms For Your Return. Every Breath.