RainbowAurora ~ NoToOldWaysInvolvingConflict

GReetings Love Beings ! Wow And Happy Monday End Of August! Monumental Month With Shifts That Were Well Structured Stemming FRom Universal Fems Hearts. Beginning Of This Month And After Long Arduous Work Since Jan This Year On Setting In New Standards And GRids That Didn’t Come About Without Much ‘Fight’, Come August We All Went: “OK> Now Let’s Get Real And See What’s Real And What’s Simply Pure Imagination Or Fantasy/Projection .. Didn’t Take Us Long To Cut The Cake And Even Though Tears Were Inundating Our Worlds, We Stayed Strong And Grateful For The Many Angels Suddenly Show Up On Our Path To Assist In This Shift.

We Let Go Of THe Story We Were Holding Onto And Got Ourselves Out Of Worlds And Into New Ones In An Attempt To Manifest Our Dreams Into Reality Easier And To Ground New Codes For the New Level Of Truth We Were Asked To Face. Now That This Integration Part Is OVer We Are Climbing Yet Another Mountain Top.

Remember Dear Ones … Case You Are In A Space That Doesn’t Honor You In The Highest, Know that It Is Your Duty To Elevate And Rise Above For The Benefit Of All In Humanity! I Have Been Getting Reports From Co-Creators Indicating High Levels Of Imbalance In Their Direct Environment. Encounters Where They Are Asked To Maintain Energies That Are Contrary To Their NAture Or To Nature In General.

I, As Always, Take Full Responsibility > Ho’oponopono  Practices > And Step Up And Look For the Highest Path Of Manifestation For All In Humanity Imminently. The Current Energetic Spaces We Are Inhabiting No Longer Allow Postponement Or Repeating Old Patterns Of Aiding Someone Else With Their Growth By Putting Oneself Last To Avoid Conflict As We Are All As A Collective Way Stronger Than In 2009 When We Were First Put In The Space With A Divine Significant Other That Was Different On All Levels Yet Similarly Similar On All Levels And Had To Go Through Months Of Attunements.

This Work Has Been Done And If Manifestations Are Not Imminent The Highest Road To Take Now Is Letting Go Of The Totality Of The Expectations/ Experience And All That Comes Along And Taking The Path That Is Opening Up In One’s Face.

Staying Honest Is The Way To Go About Whatever We ARe Being Faced With; Staying Courageous Is The Road Of Highest Frequency Establishment. This Is Not About You As A Unit. This Is About All Of Us. You Helping You Is Helping Us All. Thanks For The Risks You Are Taking. Love You Are Spreading. Thanks For Breathing. Thanks For Honoring Yourself In The Highest.

Love You All With My All

ARchea Rainbow Aurora