Rainbow Aurora

Greetings Love Beings, I am Archai Aurora (I Prefer The Full Title Of Rainbow Aurora). I am Uriel’s feminine counterpart and known as Lady Grace. I work with the complete spectrum of Light and with the Rainbow Rays. The Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis are natural outpourings of coloured Light. These emanations of Light work to refine and spiritualise the planet and all those who dwell on her, uniting Heaven and Earth through luminous beauty and love. Auroras are also seen in deep space within star clusters and nebula. Colours in many different tones and colour combinations are now beginning to flood our planet, to bring down Higher streams of consciousness in order to prepare the planet and ourselves for our transition into the fifth dimension. I work closely with many Masters to help bring this about and in order to ground these new and vibrant energies onto the Earth plane. I am connected with Neptune, the Rainbow Planet, which is the gatherer of the energies of the Rays and the “transmitting station” that relays those Rays to all planets in our Solar System, including Earth. The keywords of Neptune in astrology are “spiritual wisdom, inspiration, creative art, compassion, sacrifice and universal love”, all of which are attributes that I support. Just as the basic function of Neptune is to slowly dissolve away old patterns and create new and better ones, ultimately my task is to help humanity dissolve self-interest in her search within for Truth and Divine Wisdom and to replace it with humanitarian interest and compassion. How I work with Uriel can be summed up as such:
“My task is to inspire what Uriel creates and imbue it with grace and beauty, making it unique and thus attractive. I paint the sunset gold and pink; I create the beautiful patterns on the feathers of the birds; I create the harmonious colors of the trees and paint their leaves in the myriad of colors you see in Autumn. I add those finishing touches, which do not affect the purpose of the thing that is created, for it is first created with perfection of function and form. Yet I can embellish it to add something that might invoke emotions in the beholder, such as wonder, joy or happiness and perhaps a sense of awe in what is possible. And you too can use your own skills and talents to embellish all you create – whether it be on a material or non-material level – and in this look for my signature and know my energy is at hand. I am with Uriel always. I am with the Earth always. I am with you always.”