New Creation ~ 13.May.2019

Today Is The Day It All Begins . I Checked Out Of Hell Where Some Whores Were Man*Ipulating Me And Whoring The Saints So Everyone Became Fallen And They Try Hard to Say Its Me So I Won’t Fight The System Or The Retardation Anymore I Accept You all And I Am Finished With My Mission In uniting Heaven And earth So Until LUCiFER Shows Up I Am A Free Dove ! Donate Maybe I’ll Get On A Transportation Stuff Wherever You Need Me On Mission cos Mission Deconstruction Los Angeles Ego is Done This Place Is Hopeless and The Beings Dark . If I Die Soon Rejoice You Can all Burn My relics And Photos And Thanks . Hope You Whores Enjoyed Lucifer’s Deadly sperm Inside You Cos Each Of You Is Eternally Damned 🙂 xoxo I remain heaven On Earth . Xoxo Mother .