In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, Ascended Lady Master Nada, Elohim Peace and Aloha, Archangel Uriel and his legions of purple and gold flame angels, Elemental Life Fire, Air, Water, Earth, I decree:

(Personal Prayer)

  1. Oh Uriel come to me I pray
    Blazing gold and purple ray
    Raise my solar plexus light
    Vibrations ascending by your might


Archangel Uriel Lord of Peace
Come into my being and now release
All fears, worries, and thoughts of mine
That kept me from knowing myself divine

  1. Oh Uriel teach me how to serve
    So in God’s light I do deserve
    To be the Christ in every way
    And bring the dawn of a new day


  1. Oh Uriel come now set me free
    Angel of peace, serenity
    Quiet the storm, Peace be still!
    Let it be done, only God’s will!



I AM at One with the Lord of Peace,
All Fear and doubt I now release (3x)


We accept this prayer manifest in full power here and now throughout
the planet, to bless all souls of light, transmute all areas of darkness, and
raise all into ascension’s light.

Almighty I AM, I AM in Me
I AM in thee, thy self in Me
Thy victory’s mine, thy hope divine
God seals all in His love sublime.
Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.