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Dear Love Being; If You Have Heard The Call For Ascension And Need Assistance On Your Journey Back Home Into the Heart, I Am Here Today On Planet Earth=Heart Able To Assist All Ascending Hearts To Reach The Present Moment Of Now 5d & Beyond Frequency. I Am Rainbow Aurora Mother Of New Creation And Was Trained To Assist You Get To The Unified Field And Embrace Your New Role On New Earth=Heart. I Am Able To Assist You Using The Same 5d Heart Based Technology Our Lemurian Families Used When We Were All Living In The Garden Of Eden.

Beloved Ones. We Are Moving Into A Crystal Based Reality Where Crystal Schools And Crystal Cities Are To Be Developed For Our Children Of The Light, All United As One. If This Resonates And You Find Yourself Struggling With Ascention Symptoms Or Feel Stuck, Please Contact Me And Book Your Session.

I am Rainbow Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Here In Service To All Love Beings 24/7. I Love You With My All
Thank You For Choosing Love.

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