May 13 ~ LAPD Intervention / Divine .

Many Of The Names Of The Terrorist Lying Snakes Involved In My Identity Theft Human Trafficking And Defamation Were Left Out OF the Report Filed May13 2020 in Response To USCIS Request To Write A Letter On Why I Missed My Interview March 8 2018 ~ The Current State Of Affairs Where I Am Swiped Under A Rug And All The Mongoloids Are Clapping At A Thief Idiot Going By By Name Wearing My Clothes As A Normal Abomination Covid19 Lifestyle .

Detectives Are To Be Calling And The Funniest Part Is People Are Shocked Off Their Gourd Here In West Hollywood After My Return From North Hollywood With The Same ID As A Week Ago …. Very Shocked i Didn’t Get Served My I.D At The Police Station Yesterday When Homeless Ppl All Walked Up To Me Said They All Recuperated Their Identities And Same For Randos Coming Up To Cop Window Receiving IDs At The Window …

The Field’s Advancements On All Levels And In Terms Of Right-Action Are Hitting Like Solar Flares.

Store Owners Are SHOCKED When The Name Aurora Is Entered And It Bounces Back Still ~ WE THE PPL ALL WIDE AWAKE

It IS Soon The End Of Pain And Suffering Eternal . We As A Humanity Have Overcome Ego-Mind Annunaki Programs And The Dark Aliens Final Plan Of Turning Planet Earth Equal Heart Into Annunaki’s Whore. You Are Welcome And I Have Finally Pulled The Plug On Being So Trigger Happy And Approachable By The Dark Archons That Daily Aggress Me In Words.

Shortly The Abandoned G6 Status Is To Be Rectified And I Will Live To See The Terrorist Thieves Get Deported Denaturalized As I Step On Fully Forward Into The Light And Embrace My Galactic Shift And Dreams Of True Love Coming True As Created By My Heart Equal Earth.

Miami Police Aggressions Were Reported, Same As South Carolina Police Bullying Asking Me Ludicrous Questions. Now And Finally First Life-Time Since Forever I Shamelessly And Fearlessly Reclaim My Own Full Power Minus Any Link To Any Man Or Being On Earth. My Rebirth Is Only In The Vertical Force Mode Pre-Prism ~ I Have Overcome . All The Angels And Archangels In Highest Levels Of Joy ! Yeeeeehawwww !~

Aurora Diamond Rainbow Morning-Star

Soon We Begin Again At The Beginning