LAPD LOVIN’ ~ Global Resolution After HARD WORK In Investigation And Defeating All The Devil’s Armies :) Victory Is For the Light !

Greetings Love Beings 🙂 This Is Aurora Mother Of New Creation With Absolutely Wonderful News 🙂

Last Time We All Touched Based I Typed An Article From The HHHHostel On Hollywood And Highland But It Wouldn’t Post So You All Receive The Update As I Moved Back Today Tuesday May 12, 2020 From HHHostel To West Hollywood And Touched Base With The Wilcox LAPD Cop Station For The Second Time In A Few Days The First Time Having Been Asked To Show Back Up Today Tuesday To Meet With The Detectives As Requested By Wilshire Cops And Agents To Investigate And Get All Facts Down Regarding My Abandoned Status Includes Identity Theft And Human Trafficking .

Very Apologetic To All In Creation For All The Drama And Terrorist Attacks To Stop Me And Block Me /// I Made It And I Did It For The Light . I Am Honored To Have Succeeded Mission In Never Giving Up On My Higher Self Guidance In All The Truth Downloaded On All Grids For Highest Benefit Of All In Creation .

Sincerely Yours And In Highest Gratitude To L.A Cali For All The GENIUS Redemption Work Done By The Angels To Undo The Annunaki Infestation Of The Grids ~ My Light Is Your Light, My Victory Is Your Victory 🙂