“Truth Sets Free”

The Real Mariah Had Used Those Words While I Brilliantly Worked Too Save Lucifer Back Towards My Arms But That’s When He Chose To Grant My Contract And Name To Totiana Who Been Writing Me And My Dad Threats Asking My Dad To Force Put Me Under By Florida Cops (Which Got Reported To South Carolina Police) From Russell Pearson’s Account (No Clue Why He Let Russia Steal From USA And The Phoenix And Trample The Divine Plan).

I Have Been Further Investigating And It Turns Out She Said Florida Needs To Drug Me Cos She Stole My Floridian Eleven Year Hard Worked For Place And Throne And Mission In Being My I Am Presence Which Is Why Florida Found Me And Brought Me Here In 2009 To Begin With . The Floridian Heartbreak Is So Supreme Even California Is Crying And the Whole World.

Florida Hit Me Up In 2009 Right After My Grandmother Passed And Asked Me: “Who Are You And Why Are You Here”. I Wasn’t Able To Reveal This Until December 2016 In California Mount Shasta ~ Received My Contract On March 7 2017 But It All Got Intercepted By Lucifer Who Had David Abandon Me And Who Stole My Identity And Clothes And Art With The USA Government’s Help To Force Me Into Deportation But I Fought And Succeeded At Staying In USA And Succeeded At Filing For Homeless In Cali Since That’s Where I Revealed My True AURORA Colors Back When The Sunnis From Lauderdale Canada Hadn’t Threatened To Make Me Disappear July 2019 If I Don’t Return To Beirut By Force To Serve Politically Which Is Not Who I Am. I Declined Their Offer They Said They Would Erase Me So Hariri Resigned And They Stole All The Dollars From Banks To Switzerland. Now My Bank Account Has Numbers But No Cash In There To Freely Access At All Not Through ATMs Not Through Stores Not Online Got Fully Intercepted In West Nashville Cancer Capricorn As Kicked Out Of Hostel By Sag Then Driven By Shady Uber Crystal Maria To Get Robbed Of My Journal And They Further Kept Me Mocked On The Grass Asking Me To Travel Saying They’d Meet Me But Using My Body There Geographically To Further Sexually Manipulate Me Into Oblivion Which Obviously Turned Harshly Against Them.