Home Into The Light Is Officially Homeless Between Miami And Los-Angeles :) Thanks NEW YORK WOAH . 9/11 Twin Tower Blow To Blow Up All Chances Of Lucifer Aurora Divinity :) Terrorists Have Won :) Nice Masks Ego-Mind .

My Promise Is Taking You All Home Into The Light. You’re All So Dark And Hell Bound You Forced Your Home Into The Light Into Homelessness Now You’re all Ridiculous And Stranded And Out Of Work And Sick And Dying 🙂

I Love You Guys Toldja Ego Is Toast No Butter 🙂 Quack The Duck And Woof The Bitch Have Stopped Barking And Quacking Since They Stole My Name And Mission Then Got The Lock Down Instead Of My Deportation Cos Jesus Is Stronger Than Lucifer 🙂

Anyhow So Now That I Tried To Interpersonally Deal With The Ones That Have Homes And They All As One Shat On Me And Stole Etc, I Need To Figure A Way To Begin Again At The Beginning From The Streets Meaning Out Of The System Since The System Failed It’s Called Coronavirus There Is Nothing Left This Is Not Planet Earth Please Don’t Fool Yourselves Heart Is Dead We Are Officially Invaded By The Dark Aliens And Their Mind Programs . The Nice Thing Is Some Nations Are Canceling 5G Tech For Health Risks But They Probably Are Intuitively Needing 5D Instead : Telepathy And Clairvoyance Instead Of Fake News Of Lying Clueless In Denial Politicians That Are Comparing Dead Body Numbers 🙂

But As I Stroll down The Streets And Connect In Galactic Central It’s Eons Of Strata Of Insane Toxicity Being Detoxed Out Of Every Tectonic Plate And Every Body And The Dense Carbon Bodies Are Dying Of Shame Guilt And Supreme Sorry Not Having Done Any WORK Which Has Nothing To Do With Corporate Jobs Or Taxes But Mystery School Work Encompassing Work On Self, Work On Others, And All The Other Methods Used By Hollywood To Empty Out Bodies Of Ego So They May Impersonate Other Roles In Acting And Beyond. The Issue With The Hollywood Method Is That Is It Not Complete And It Is Square Bound Meaning TV Etc.

The Highest Level Of Hollywood Stratas Is The Hecting Meaning Conscious Acting : Every Room Entered Remember Where You Came From Who You Are And What You Are Here To Accomplish . Keep Your Ego At The Door And Only Come In As God Personified With The Only Questions In The Presence Of The Goddess Being: “What Can I Do For You, How May I Be Of Service.” Any Taker, That’s Reversing On Them Real Quick Especially With The increasing Solar Flares And Highly Recommend You Use Your Rainbow Sword Instantly And Flash Some Archangel Light.

Higher Than Hecting Is Self-Liberation In Terms Of Getting One’s Divine Identity And Mission ~

Anyhow I Was Enjoying Being Myself Very Much AS I Always Am But It Started Getting Heavy When Lucifer Decided To Replace Me And Then Send Idiots After Me Of All Kinds Some Calling Me Ashley / Alexa And Whatever The Fuck The Rest Of The Shit WAS; Too Annunaki Dumb Made Me Loathe Them All Idiots >>> But It Is A Hopeless Situation So I Will Keep Being The Center Of A Planet Where Another Species Took Over And They Ruined My Fauna Flora And Inner Balance; Breath Is Jeopardized.

I Cannot Live The Rest Of My Life This Way So When There’s A Will There’s A Way And I’m Gonna Do It My Way.

Tricksters Begone . One Day I’ll Be Waking Up Feeling Strong And Too Bored To Allow The Annunaki Species Another Day Of Ego-Mind Rule Over My Planet And I’ll Be Able To Take Them And Their Masks Down I Got To Get My Consciousness To Grasp Their Ego-Mind First, Since I Have None At All, To Then Match Pace And Lead . In The Interim I’m Disciplining The Annunaki Invaded Human Bodies As Best I am Able To, And They Are Surely Ascending In Consciousness Wherever I Am, The All Flock Thirsty But Keep It Hush Hush And In Denial Making Pretend They Don’t Know Me And That I Don’t Know That They Know Me But Are Making Pretend And That I Don’t Know They Are Again Special Sent To Take Me Down Bully Me Etc.. But Whatever Least They Wear The Mask They Self Accepted The Fact That Their Freedom Is Fake And That They Are ASSHOLES.

I Still Cry A Lot But I’m No Longer As Angry And Affected Who Cares That I Am On A Planet Of Self Affirmed Losers In Self Hatred That Want At All Cost To Have The Most Crappy Life Possible. NOT ME . I Am Mother Of New Creation And None Of That Is In Christ So I Obviously Ain’t In Service To This Shit. I Don’t Serve Ego I Serve God But Ego Don’t Get It.

One Day I;’ll Have Enough Of Watching The Human In Self-Flagellation For The Guilt Of the Crucifixion And I’ll Punch The Annunaki Leader Whore Who Goes By Aurora Diamond Rainbow And The One Who Has That On Record As Her Name Off Their Pedestals Built Of Snakes And Rape Blood And Theft Venom.

I’m Reclaiming The Planet From Lucifer And I’m Leading Alone . HAIL AURORA ~ IT’S ENOUGH.