On The Annunaki Infiltration Of The Divine Plan And Their Weak Attempts At Taking Over.

Greetings Yet Again From Real Time With Aurora From The Hostel World. We Are Still Out Here On Mission In West Hollywood uniting Heaven On Earth Downloading New Codes Into The Field, And We Heard Back From The Masculine Session Angel In Florida Who Received His Surgery 48 Hours Ago, To Find Out The Session Created A Powerful Inner Shift And Had Him Move Back To The Fruitville Home You All Watched Me In Mission At Summer 2019 Where We Brought Perfect Balanced Harmonix And Love Everywhere Present To An Otherwise Hopeless Place .

Divine Feminine Angel From The Session Back At Hollywood And Highland Hostel And The Abbey/Chapel From Jan 2020, Inviting Me To her Home In West Hollywood On Friday But I Cannot Take The Invite Since It IS An Arranged Couple Sort Of Thang Situation Trying To Get Me To Meet Persian Which Will Not Fare Better Than The First Time Around I Went With Her To The Synagogue Ended Up Making A Scene By Simply Presenting Myself As Aurora Mother Of New Creation Which Caused A Chock In The Rabbi’s Psyche Since Jesus Christ Isn’t A Friendly Name In A Synagogue Which I Was Totally Oblivious To . Anyhow . Still Interesting To See My Chips Coming In.

Yesterday We All Had TO Witness The Andrew Kid From FCGCT 2015 When I Was First Led To The Chat Room As The Duchess And Back Then Had Miguel Block My URL When I Was Talking Sense Same As Now Eternal Recurrence Nothing New Under The Sun It’s One Foot Nailed to The Ground Turning In The Same Direction Towards Eternal Trap And Oblivion In Denial Fear Rage Guilt Shame All Lower Emotion Until They Are Graced Through Faith Towards An Upward Vertical Ascending Force That Is The Only Way To Quit The Eternal Hopelessness Of The Carbon Based 3D Reality Of Devolution And Karmics. The Andrew Kid Reached Out In A Supreme Guilty Frenzy Of Rage And Projection Since He Chose Karmic To Surrender To And Turned Into A Troll Smurf Totally Mind-Fucked By Carbon Reality And Has Failed His Mission To Love. A Message That Was Supremely Unwelcome By All In Creation Causing Back-Lash From The Angels In Beirut, Dubai, Bahrain, Abu-Dhabi And Beyond That Are All Aware That A Woman In USA Is Attempting To Steal My Mission and Identity And Were Recently Informed That My Clothes Art And Shoes Are Being Worn By That Insane Crook. Andrew Trying To Mind Fuck The Middle-East Into his Bullshit Lies Didn’t Pan Too Well since They All Saw Me Bring Billy Home And they Saw Him Make A Clown Fool Out of USA Masculines Then The Miguel Lamboy Showed Them ARchassholes Parading Around As Archangels Are Supreme Funny Better Than Circus Clowns As We All Have Witnessed The Miguel Lie About His Intentions With Amboora And Them Both Engaging In Rituals Behind My Back In Shasta Consciously Aiming At Stealing Beyond My energy But My Soul All The While Calling Themselves Light-Workers Just RIDIC .

So The Andrew Supreme Knee-Jerked Made A FUCKING BLOODY FOOL Out Of USA Masculines Again In The Middle Of A Pandemic USA Caused By Lying TO Me In The First Place, Instead Of Being Grateful The Divine Chose For Me To Come Out As My Archea Truth In USA And Embracing That In Order To Assist Their Nation’s Intelligent And Growth And Genius Quotient By Honoring Divine Global Intelligence That Chooses To Honor Them In The Highest They Chose To Make Dicks Out Of Their Cops And Boys, and Whores Tramps Out Of Their Girls And They LOVE To Take That Overseas Having Amboora Email My same AUB Phd Master Degrees All CEO And Owners Producers, Directors Of The Largest Multinationals Global Phoenix Resurrecting Fires Of God All war Hero Kids Who Choose Love Since Birth Had To Yet Again Watch Me Standing Tall Proud And Strong After Some Dumb Jealous USA Low Lives Been Fucking Around On Me Years Now Stealing My Laptop And Tee-Shirts And Thongs And Hair Extensions And LipGloss LOL Which Never Happened To Me Anywhere On earth From Morocco To Paris To Spain Italy France Greece Turkey Jordan Dubai U.K Germany Brazil The Netherlands Syria Kuwait And Much More Never Before Have I Been Privy To The Clown Show Of USA Wanting Their Girls To Be Me And Kill Or Deport Me Cos I’m Too Real For Their POP TART WEAK EGOs But Today And Yesterday My Designer Girls Weren’t Having It And Still Aren’t From Billy The Turd To Miguel The JoKE Parading Around As An Archangel??? LOL When He Kicked Me Out The Door Soon As I Revealed I Am His Equal He Couldn’t Handle It Cos HE Isn’t An Archangel Plain And Simple He Is A Whore Trainer In The Dark For Some Dancer Prostitutes To Take Down My Diplomatic Sugar Buns, And He Declined Mission In House Of Future Even Deleted His Only Work That Ever Has Any Value Which Is The Work He Did With Me Around; He Prefers For The World To See Him As The Useless Agent Of Terrorism And Fear That He Is He Deleted Me And Replaced Me With A Fake Hoe Like Him So They Can Resonate Better And Lie Better…. Anyhow

Very Sad Reality Even At Past The Ninety Ninth Hour The Masculines Clinging To Their Ego And Choices In The Dark Instead Of Rising Up As A Masculine Force And Leading The World Towards The Light They Keep Reiterating To War Kids Whose LAST CONCERN Is Knowing Another One Of Us Is Being Publicly Shamed And Abused For Being A Genius Like The Rest Of The Injustice Dumb Kids Rule The World With Stealing Power From the Genius Kids They Toss On The Side Walks Cos I Am From Tiberias And I’m An Archea So They Prefer To Have Their Dumb Cunts In Ego Say They’re Aurora Rather Than Having The World Shift But They Love To Say They Are The Shift When They Are Sexual Sick Perverts And Trash TRamp Thief Losers With No Credit Or Merit. YUCK

Sad As It Is To Get A Reflection From The Masculine Collective Consciousness In Ego Yet Again Aimed At Demising And Dishonoring My Service, To Justify And Brush Under The Rug Their Own Mistakes In Choosing Ego Over Love But It’s Become A Trend For USA Masculines To WANT SO BAD To Be Negatively Seen As Losers And Non-Leaders By Global Communities Curtesy Of Them Being Owned Sex Slaves By Their Whores They Allow To Steal Clothes And concepts And ideas And Identities Out Of Foreign Intel Which Is PATHETIC As Fuck But Hey ..