So I’m At The Hostel With The Banana Monkeys Here (Still Trying To Work For Fools In Miami And Beyond), That Want To Keep The Black Magic Global Tyranny Identity Theft Going On Having Submerged Lucifer In Lies Of The Pathological Orders Of Self Denial And Insanity Calling A Banana An Apple which Will Never Track . And A Nice Guy At Trader Joe’s Asks If I Don’t Feel It’s Ironic That I’m Wearing An I HEART L.A White Tee And Black Stretch Shorts , Black Casual Heels While Next Door The Miami Infiltrator Tried To Diminish Me By Asking If I Sold Drugs After Stinking Up The Whole Place In Concordance With The Mean Jerk Off Next To Him Who Also Makes Believe He Can Reserve A Computer Just Because Some Spiteful People Want To Avoid And Deny Their Supreme Retardation By Keeping Wrong Action Active On All Fields But In Short … Doesn’t Matter If You L.A Don’t Love Yourself. I STILL LOVE YOU L.A > Not Ironically But Truly 🙂 And Tennessee Your Lords Prefer The Illusion Over Being Honest But To Be Fair They Are Fort Lauderdale Jerk Offs Hiding In Mafia Johnson Preferring To Have Nadine Kobayter Pull A HAHA At 75 Degrees Instead Of Behaving Like Quasi Human But Can’t Blame The Kid He Been Associating With Trash Whores Trying To Justify Destroying Me For Their Black Magic Asses . Thinking It’s Me But Your Punishment Andrew Ryan Profaci Is Eternal Damnation With The Whores In Hell. I’m Reclaiming And Ascending And Winning Winning And Archea Rainbow Aurora Has No Worries About The Opinions Of Sheep . XOXO ~ Thanks To All Supporters That Are Assisting In Holding space For New Vision Versions Of Dreams Of True Love Coming True As We All Graciously Turn The Page Away From The Little Clown Scenario Attempt Of The Monkeys At Stealing My Galactic Contract And Sticking IT Onto Their Baboon Bitch Hoe Alongside My Clothes And Render Lucifer A Fucking Gnome Idiot Asshole And The People Of L.A Ask Me If I Don’t Feel It’s Ironic That I Wear I Heart L.A ?? No Bitch I Heart L.A Anyway ! Who Cares About Your Zombie Face And Zombier Heart . I Heard My Name Up In Shasta Got Served My Galactic Contract On HHI Shores . Besides That My Hostel Room Key Went Missing Alongside A Trader Joe’s Hand Clutch As The Store Of Luggage Pieces Next Door Opened But I Remain Clueless And In The Hollywood Moment ! Genius Brilliant Town Insanity In A Cupcake Sums It All Up Galactic So Delish I’m Just Wayyyy Too Cool For School I’m Too Cool For This Planet Or Universe You Guys Are Stuck In A Zone Running Around Like Idiotic Rats In Free Will I CANNOT STAND WHAT YOU’ve DONE . All Those Imbalances And Projections And Little Obnoxious Rats Projecting On Me To Get Me On The Side Of Their Cliques Or Clans But Only True Love Can Shift The World And I Am The Shift Doesn’t Matter How Many Losers Want To Deny Me And Trap Me And Lie About Me In Power-Over .

Anyway Now They’ve Installed A Restriction On My Ability To Send Emails. So I’ve Just Changed My Password Very Shady People Very Controlling And Unfair Jealous In Greed And Envy Due To Their Karmic Addictions . Hey I Forgive Myself And My Victory Is God’s Victory. My Light Is God’s Light. My Heart Is God’s Heart. AMEN . Enough Promises To People Who Cannot Deliver. Namaste And Blessings And Forgiveness I Surrender To God He Will Show Me The Way To Serve Him Like He Needs Me To . Chop Chords With Ego-Mind L.A . Don’t Book Sessions And I Don’t Care That You Keep Sending Me Fake Archon People Around Me At All Times With Devices . Yes Illuminati You Can’t Use Me Anymore I Cut Your Operation Out and Reclaim My Power .