Masks On ~ Humanity No Longer Living In Denial . All As One Know They Have F 4 FAILED ~

It Was A SET-Up ~ Miguel Lamboy Had Special Hired Amber Dawn Gallardia To Keep Me Lied To Manipulated As The Under-Dog While They All Were Involved In Daily Rituals And Sex Manipulation. The Whole Thing Was Aimed At Diminishing Me And Forcing My Soul Into Her Body In A Weird Attempt To Fail Mission All The While Saying The Words That Are Total Deception The Liars Make Pretend They Are All About Full Planetary Liberation, 5D Living And Love Everywhere Present While Their Main Aim Is Simply To Destroy Me And Steal My All Give To Their Chosen Fake Whore Prostitute Dancers To Forever Destroy Hope On Earth.

I Was Way Too Blind, Too Giving, Too Nice And Too Heart Involved As Well As Honored And Loved Trash Ugly Dark Cabal Alien Annunaki Lying Scum Bags That Are Into Favoritism Linked Up To Racism And Sexism.

The Mother Of All Creation Thing Is The Most Woman Hating Ego Maniac Imaginable, The “Archangel Michael” Ain’t An Archangel At All, The Rest Of The People They Hired Are Nothing At All Besides Perpetrators That Are There To Bully And Steal And Make Pretend They Want Good Things For The Planet And The People When All They Want Is To Diminish My Sexual Divine To Empower Their Trash Dancer Whores Give Them My Name And Clothes And Keep Me Bound And In The Gutter Render Me From A Diplomate To Homeless.

Very Dumb Plan And It Will Never Be Swiped Under The Rug. The Russell Pearson Guy Yet Has To Prove He Isn’t A Bad Seed Like The Rest But He Doesn’t Need To Really You All Have Read His Letter Then Seen how It Went Down And They All Gave My Archea Awakening Identity And Name And Art And Clothes To The Non-Deserving Thief Lying Slut And You All Watched How They Milked Me Dry Tossed Me On The Sidewalks And Decided To End ME When I Didn’t Participate In The Orgies They Tried To Force Me Into In Miami With Their Trash Agents They Hire To Keep The World A Power-Over Forum In 3D While They Preach 5D And Make Pretend They Are Helping Me Co-Create Heaven On Earth While It Is The Furthest Point From The Truth.

At This Stage Of The Game, The Fire I Embodied To Fight For The Planet Against The Karmic Force The First Time Amber Dawn Gallardia Then Crystal Cordoba Wrote Me Threat Letters That Are Wanting Me Dead, Restrained Or Deported For The Comfort Of The Thieves Daughter Whores To Be Me And Wear My Clothes And Walk Around In My Name More Comfortably, Has Tamed Down. The World Has Consented To Choosing Ego Over Love And Has Consented To The Karmic Force They Are All Muzzled Like Dogs They All Chose To Be Dogs Over Getting Sessions And Being Gods.

Lucifer Has Failed His Mission And Archangel Michael Is Fake, A Liar And Kicked Out Of The Company Of Heaven.

Cheers To My ADORABLE Heart Based Super Creative Ways Of Always Bouncing Back Like A Hero Goddess Warrior Queen 🙂
They Forced Me Out Of My Own Home And Heaven On Earth I Humbly Stood On Hollywood Walk Of Fame Bringing On Heaven Energies Being Who I Came Here To BE : My Highest Vision Version Of My Archea Soul Self 🙂 They Stole My Wings And Clothes And Shoes And Art And Even My Hair And Underwear After Those Efforts To Bring Heaven On Earth 🙂 Don’t Forgive Them They Know What They Do 🙂 Jesus Instead Gave You All Coronavirus Like You Prefer Ego Over Love. Band Of Losers Maniacs .

Keep Faking IT And Hating Me Hollywood/Cali/USA … Soon You’ll Go From Muzzled To Probably Chained On Your Beds And Only Allowed To Eat Off The Hands Of Your Chosen Oppressors Keeping The Cops Dark Human Hating Dark Cabal Aliens And The President An Ingrate Liar And The People Mean Hating Fake Earth Hating Heartless Dumb Programmed Slaves.