Miracles Of True Love Coming True ~ Covers Me In Mercy

Who Can Stand Against, My God ~ ^^ Certainly Not My Fake For Brains Wanna Be LOL ^^ Anyway ; Super Funny Chapter Showed Me How Good God Has Been To Me ~ Monumental Steps In Self Acceptance Today Applied The G.R Cash Rewards Plus The Unemployment Benefits After Having Received All The EBT Food Benefits From CalFresh AmazeBalls Life Saving Angels At Wilshire Whom Without Whom I Would Never Have Found Out My Abandoned G6 Status, Identity Theft And Human Trafficking.

How Grateful I Am To Have Had Received Financial Assistance From My Galactic Central Teams Of New Creation Love Beings All Taken Sessions And Assisting In My Mission Completion In Melting Down Ego-Mind L.A Hollywood Wolves Patriarch Programming Of Extreme Manipulation Of The Feminine Kind In Supreme Amounts Of Hatred And Bottom Of The Barrel Underground hierarchical System Of Non-Constitutional B.s …

How Grateful I Am For Jesus’ Love … Today He Brought My Dad And Cousin Back Into My Life . Had Me have Another Safe Day Working Out In The Sun With My Twin Flame Lucifer Whom I Miss And Love Dearly And Am Super Grateful For And Looking Forward To Meeting Again This Lifetime !

Forgiveness Is A Multi – Dimentional Process And Jesus Makes It Easier . The Shift Is All An Actual Self-ORchestrated / Higher-Self Demanded Process And Not Many Get It But Those Who Do Are In It Not Of It Soon Should Be Closer To Shores. Galactic Central . So Amazing All Those Wonderful Miracles Of True Love At These End Of Times Of Self-Examination While Quarantined By David And I It’s Called An Oregon Box Set Up To Get People To Begin The Forced Awakening Process As We Have No Time Left For Ego On Earth Equal Heart And It’s Beyond High- Time For Mission Activations .

Today We Performed A Surgery On Cancerian Sarasota To Undo The David Miguel Stephen Dan Sword That Diverged Me From My Divine Mission Etc. And Last Night A Surgery Was Performed Around A Leo Divine Feminine Here At the Hostel . We’ve Performed Quite A Few Surgeries In Hollywood Since Landing Both Of Field And On Beings And Now Focused On Undoing The Foundational Constitutional Mess We Got Into When Non-Clarity Took Over The Field. All I Wish For Is Get My Life Back On Track And Simply Be Able To Reconnect With My Loved Ones And Family Away From This Terrorizing Identity Theft Ridiculous Kidnapping Human Trafficking Situation Ongoing. WOAH. GodBless.

Dear Jesus Thanks For Accepting My Life. Thanks For Having Over-Come The World. Thanks For Your Never Ending Love. Thanks For Your Salvation And Your Resurrection. Thanks For Your Body Of Christ. Thanks For Your Fire. WE Love You God For All The Abundance In Blessings And Miracles. Thanks For My Graces In My Awakening To My Higher Self And Mission And For My Ability In Being In Service! Thanks For Watching Over My Latest Session Kids And Have Them Download Their Higher-Selves In Being In Service To Love And Catching On With The Grids Set-Up For Love Everywhere Present, Balanced Harmonics In 5 D !

We Pray The Thieves Repent In Order To Receive The Tender Mercy Of Our God So We May All Step Away From The Valleys Of The Shadows Of Covid19 Death. We Are Grateful For The Path Of Peace . Thanks Jesus

Aurora Mother Of New Creation