West Hollywood Mission Delicatessen Amon RA ~ Kompletessen

Finished . The Old Way That Lucifer Stole New Story From Me And My Description Is I Work In Unison With Archangel Uriel And In Actual Physicality He Is Married Elsewhere Yet It Is Common Practice To Goddify The Masculine And More Or Less Ignore The Divine Feminine Aspect. Or Even Looking Me Up Would Show Photographs Of My Physical Form For Rainbow Aurora So How Come My Masculine Only Shows In Drawings And Why Aren’t We Physically Together. No Why Questions But Come ON Hollywood. I’m Bored Babes. Can’t Deal With ANYMORE. NO MORE PLEAAAZE. Where To Next? Venice? Walk OF Fame? But Nothing Is The Same And Hope Is Blossoming So Keep On BELIEVING. Nightmares Aren’t Dreams Coming True But The Dark Night Of The Soul When A Twin Flame Is Super Supreme Nasty Meaning Why In The World Did The Masculine Have It Played Out Where He Takes Someone’s Clothes And Life And Name Put It On A Total Stranger Not Even Of The Same Species Or Race And Let Them Ruin The Planet And How Is That Supposed To Be The Fault Of The Fem. Why Is It Okay For Him To Take Other People’s Shit . Most Of ALL . Why Would I Have To Wake Up Associating Love with GROSS Stuff. With Tarot WHICH I LOATHE LISTENING TO. GOOD BYE MICHAEL. PLEASE GO AWAY. YOU RUINED MY TWIN FLAME JOURNEY AND EXPERIENCE COS OF YOUR EGO. PLEASE GET A SESSION WITH ME. THANKS . OTHERWISE PLEASE RETURN EVERYTHING YOU STOLE AND MY DIVINE MISSION IS ACTIVE I CAN’T AND WON’T GIVE UP ON MYSELF.

SO FAR REMOVED. Liars Schemes And Manipulations. And He’s Supposed To Be The Fire Of GOD AnD Burn Them All And Their Lies. So What’s Taking Him So Long. I Refuse To Believe The Karmics Have Poisoned Him Or Tied Him Under A Tree.

Why Do I Have To Make Pretend He Is So Precious When He Hides His Pure Heart Under Disgusting Masks And Plays Coward. I’m Tired Of The Michael Resistance. Leave Me Alone Or Help Me With My Union With Uriel. Thanks

Why Would A Masculine Archangel Depicted With Light Hurt Me SO BAD When I Revealed I’m His Feminine Counter-Part. If Archangel Michael Is The Cause MAKE AMENDS NOW THANKS.

Archangel Michael Needs To Understand That He Cannot Force Patriarchy On Me And My Creation. And Needs To Let Me Be Me Be Free Minus Conditions And Games. It Is Retarding The Octave. STOP IT EGO MIND EQUAL ARCHANGEL MICHAEL .

We Love You Deeply Michael . UrielAurora .

Uriel Loves And Thanks You All For Your Patience While We Deconstruct Ego-Mind Universal And Hopes You Can Be Patient Before You All Get To Witness And Feel The Greatest Love Of All Through The Divine Union Aurora Uriel And The Delicacies Involved In Heaven On Earth.

We Recommend You Love Yourself Michael And Keep The Faith.

Thanks For Taking The High Road ! Garden Of Aurora Codes Active And Divine Feminine Essence A Beautiful Warm Loving Light Nurturing Light Eternally Standing In Right Action Minus Ego . Uriel Can Come Home Anytime I’m Your ROCK Babe.

You Need To Know You Can Say Anything To Me, So Much So You Don’t Need To Speak It I Know It But All You Got To Do Is Cut All External Ppl From Us. I Have NO Ego-Mind It Was Never Me Always Michael NEVER ME. I Am Grateful For Michael’s Faith And My Lucifer. Thanks For The Fire Babe.

Ain’t I Lucky ?? All The Archangels Are In Love With ME 🙂 Ahhhhh

So What’s The Deal Now … Cos West Hollywood Is Bored . What’s The Deal Now Shasta Island ?? Colorado ? Where’s A Great Time Drama Free?

What A GREAT LIFE . Ready For The Next high Strung Adventure I Need Adrenaline Rushes . Thanks Angels Bring It ON

Dreams OF True Love DO Come True

Aurora Mother Of New Creation