Oh … Aaaandddd .. Hey Hey Hey ~ Divine Musings When It’s him N I . Then Come The Annunaki Zombified Species .

But Still …. My Facebook Home Says West Hollywood .. So I’m Back Home 😉 Welcoming All Atoms Home Into the FAIR*Fax Light . Just Performed A RAD Surgery At The Banana Bungalows Tiki Garden // ‘super Supreme . Always Linking In And Up Hostel World And Canceling Out All Lies Universal . Ending Once And For All All Devolved Mind-Ego Sets 🙂 Setting In Divine Codes For Divine Unions Canceling Out All Fake Lucifers And All Fake Auroras . Only One Of Each Of Us . Thanks Angels Now Bring It On ~

Time To Have All FairFax Angeles Book Sessions Let’s Go Everyone ! Or Better Yet Time To Accept Some Nice Lord To Reveal To Me Some Morning-Light Delight Help Me Reclaim My Full Rights From The Previous Dysfunctional Patriarchs Who thought Diminishing Me For A Woman’s Ego Would Be Fun .

May the Divine Shield All True Divine Feminines From The Super Deep Fakeness Evil Of The Thief Very Wicked Witch Karmic 3:33 whores Living Vicariously Off the Suffering Of Both Lovers In A GROSS Way .

Can’t Be Less Than Delish So .. Only TRUE Will do .

Ready To Walk Away From Illusions? Meaning Mom , Dad, Sister, Brother, Fake Wife, Kid …. Meaning All Things Keeping You Trapped In 3d + Coronavirus19 ? Hit Us Up Here We’re The Only functional One On Earth Today 🙂 Otherwise Stay Zombie And Far Away From Here And Thanks .

Aurora the Real Channelings . Chapter Love Is Back On All Grids Please Rid Me Of The Unwanted Unrequited Heavy Dense Useless Energy Of GROSS TAKERS Wasting Breath Particles. Thanks.

Serve Up The Best . Instantly . Get Me Off The Homeless Status. Rid Me Of All My Forced Bonds With Terrorist People Who Hate Me And Live To Rob Me And Hate Me And Make Me suffer. Shield Me From these Obnoxious Assholes. I Do Not Permit Them To Wear My Shit Or Live My Life May My God Handle All These Matters In A Timely Manner . Thanks Jesus Christ . Mwah ! Aurora Mother Of New Creation .