Greetings And Portal Opening Multi-Level ~ Aurora > Lucifer’s Wifey N Baby Mama ;) Lol Eternal Flame .

In Highest Salutations Towards The Stillness Of An Island Afternoon With The Squirrels, Birds, Cats, Fishies, Dolphins, Turtles 🙂 My Bike Parked Right There And All Them Too All The Way To My Roller Blades And All My People Connected With Me In Open Communications Minus The Parasites Who Infected And Took Over My Freedoms And Human Rights .

I Love Jesus Christ My Lord And Hero I Pray He Delivers My Heart And Soul, Creation And Planet ! Love 🙂 Aurora Mother Of New Creation 🙂

West Hollywood On Thursday April 30 – 2020 . We Pray The Karmic Force Fades Away Eternally And Beyond From This Destructive Fake Role Of Role Reversals And Masks And Robberies Flagrantly.