Final Events Energies Update ~Stability And Ground After Coming Out Of Pathology And Lies.

666 ~ Absence Of Stability, Absence Of Success Having Taken The Road Of Perdition Trusted Frauds And Con Artists That Are Dominant Thief’s Abusive Woman Haters In Ego. It’s Thursday, Uriel Aurora Day. The Focus Remains On Gratitude And Restoring Mental Balance In Acceptance That The Former Team of Co-Creators That Came Forth Were Takers That Were Not Fit To Be In Service To Love And Were All About EGO. People Lied About Who They Were And Abused Power Tremendously Just In Order To Prove That Mission Is Fake Etc. The Constant Grieving Process Involved With 4 Years Now Of Delays And Back-Burner On Tasks That Should Have Been Tackled Day Zero. The Focus Must Shift From What Was Lost, Especially Given The Fact That Having Stood Up For Right Action And Womanhood Ended Me On The Homeless Side Since Women With Homes Are Scavengers That Take The Place Of Those That Do Stand Up For Honor And Self-Love. It’s Almost Frowned Upon When A Real Woman Comes Across A Bunch Of Woman Hating Racist Sexist Patriarch Thieves With Power Problems And Gets Out Instead Of Plays The Game. It’s Also Looked Down Upon If She Goes Off On Her Own And Her New Beginning Is Stolen By The Former Thiefs She Met It’s Almost A Hopeless Situation Since Even Cops And Authorities See Life From The Controllers That Are Bullies And Thiefs Perspective.

It Was Set-Up For Forced Failure And For Trapping The Divine Masculines. The Lies And Slander And All The Ones Who Stood Up For Bullies And Thieves Should No Longer Be Taken Into Account. I’m Working On Ways To Detox The Whole Old Chapter That Led Us As A Humanity Down This Horror Rabbit Hole Poor Choices All Coming Back To Haunt All Those That Are Still Messing With Identity Theft, Human Trafficking And Having A Party On My Abandoned G6 Status. Very Unfortunate Losses Because Of Taking On Other People’s Karma By Projections And Force.

The Faith That My Prayers To Restore The Divine Plan Will Be Answered Keeps Me Going In This Dark Tunnel Where No Father Figure At All Shares Truth. The Blessings Of Having Been Able To Go On A 3 Months Island Portal Opening That Showed Me Clearly The Impact Of Having Stood Up For My Goddess Warrior Which Has Resulted In The Non-Feminine Females Just Wearing My Clothes And Life As Their Own Resulting In A Global Illness That People Say The Chinese And USA Government Set Up For Population Extermination Which Isn’t The Truth, Instead Of The Fems Standing Up To The Cheating Lying Men They Became Cheater Liars And Greedy Hoes On My Account And People Found This Really Funny And Fair Which Is Absurd.

Takes Strength To Master Emotions And Keep The Faith That Wants All Divine Feminines To Move Forward Fearlessly. In Truth, The Divine Feminine Is So Far Ahead Of The Game That The Masculines Had To Get A Mock Feminine Who Is A Loser Bored Karmic That Has It In Her To Go By Divine Fem’s Name And Wear Her Clothing.

Time To Face The Opposition And Steer One’s Life In Another Direction. Crossing Bridges And Doing Whatever It Takes For My Mission To Be Successful And Complete Since Letting God Down Isn’t An Option 🙂

The Egotistical People That Are People Pleasers And Live To Impress Societies End Up Very Unreasonable And Set In Their Ways And They Lose Their Own Control Over Their Own Lives By Trying To Take Control Of Someones’ Life By Granting It To Another Which In Itself Denotes Huge Lacking Vision, Lacking Honor And Confidence, Lacking Faith Hope And Trust. The Saddest Part Is That I Associated With All Sorts Of Fearful People That Are Weak, No Courage, Empty Pride. Then They Reverse It On Me Like I Did Something Wrong.

Looking At Myself From Today’s Power Standing Point: I’m Proudly Sitting Strong And Risen In A West Hollywood Genius Traveler Hostel With The Latest State Of The Art Tech And Lifestyle; I Still Have My Platform Up And Running, Never Gave Up On Paying My dues Even Though My Own Team Members And Inmotion Hosting Admins Chose To Deliberately Lie To Me About The Identity Theft. I Still Rise Like A Goddess Queen Every Morning And Still Walk Proudly Being A Warrior Goddess Archea. Doesn’t Matter That I Am Unjustified. Doesn’t Matter That Masculines I Met Were Not Divine And Only Conspired In My Destruction. Can’t Deal Anymore With Weak Masculines That Keep Choosing The Gutter Tagging It My Name To Appear Cool To Societies And Make Fun Of Me The Real Archangel With The Societies To Mask Their Failures At Their Own Missions.

The Resistance To The Truth Cannot But Wear Out And Cease In A Timely Manner. Can’t Give Up My Truth No Matter How Hard The Patriarch Haters Keep Wronging Me And Themselves. Keep Exhausting Yourselves … I Cannot Remove Your Egos From You Only You Can.