RainbowAurora ~ on WAY Over-SHAMZ // Tabriz .

Greetings ~ Stupidest Choices Were Made due To Mass Ego-Mind As Relating To Envy, Jealous By Whole Bunch Of Ppl With Inferiority Complexes Who Been Watching The One You All Know As Amber Dawn Gallardia who Apparently Stole My Archea Name Aurora Diamond Rainbow and Parades Around Wearing My Clothes, Shoes, Hair Extensions, Make Up And Running After Any Masculine that Makes Me An Offer And/Or My Family and friends In a desperate Attempt to Be Me And Deport/Kill Me Alongside Her Buddy Crystal Cordoba All Planned By The Jealous Ex Stephen Thompson In their Common Attempt At Failing Mission …

Anyway . Makes Me Incredibly Sad To Have Given the time Of Day To Unworthy Ppl : All The way From David Rodgers One Story Pictures (Abandoned G6???) To The Lovehaswon Abortion (Stolen Identity?? Human Trafficking?? Erasing Dima T. Work And Final Event Energies Update Articles In Favor Of The Whore Thief Who Is Nationally Encouraged Into sin And Wrong Action Beginning Miami Crook Cops ? And The Cops Of All USA Standing Proud As Crooks Who Are Jealous And Envious Of Me And Want To Force My Cup And Creation down A Whore Thief’s Throat?

Truly No Idea The Direction Mission Took. But None Of this Is My Fault . I Came Out Of Mission house Having Heard My Name After My Initial surgery In April 2015 At The Metropolitan And Now Know that The Cause Of My Infirmities And Delays For My Planetary Mission In Full Planet Liberation Is A Little Bimbo Whore Idiot Thief Cunt Evil Ego Wanna Be Who Stole My Name On Paper And Lives My Life Proudly In My Shoes Backed Up By The System That Is Obviously Like A Self-Attacking Virus that Is Set-Up Against Itself And Against Love Like the Current Plague.

Saddest Part Is That This Is Hopeless. I Don’t Get Any Truthful Communication; Just More ghosting And Being Ignored For Them All to Mind The Ego Of the Pathetic Little Girl That Was Given My Clothes Shoes Life And Identity. Now I’m Denied the Right To Be . I’m going Under An Identity That Was Globally Signed Off On March7 2017. Now USCIS Is Closed Due to no Heart Equal Earth All boys Are Zombie Thiefs Living In Denial And In The Past All Justifying A Sick Stephen Thompson that Was hacked and Owned By Sick Michael Adam Tompkins In Supporting The Insane Jealous Greedy Needy Thief Whore Girls At Stealing My Identity.

No Clue How to Reach Solace. But Can’t Keep Working That Hard As Someone’s Shadow Slave Which I’m Not and Refuse To Be.

Angels Must Bring On the Solution for Humanity cos At This Point All Humanity is Looking Retard In Jesus’ Eyes : All The Nations Approve Of A Fake Cunt Idiot Taking My Place and Paying The Price Of Death =Coronavirus To Please The Lying Cunt ??>>