Heartbreak Central ~ So Deep My Whole Planet Is Sick :(

Can’t Be Any Sadder . Started Off My Long Journey Of Rise Into Love In 2009 ~ Landed In Tampa Fell In Direct Love With Great-Spirit. First Breath Out Of the Airplane Regardless the Movie Producer That Was Standing There With Two Engagement Rings And Flowers In Hot Black Mustang, The Initial Heart Activation Was The First Breath Of USA Oxygen; The First Gaze At The USA Clouds And Sky that Delivered Codes Of Full Holy Spirit Great Spirit Merge In Spades And In A Way Where My Whole Brain Cavity Opened A Direct Etheric Portal Where I Was More Than Ever Able To Be Full On Galactic While In Human Form Which Had Our Mustang Drive 10 Hours In The Opposite Direction Of The Floridian Direction We Were Headed Towards Under A Hail And Rain Storm Wind And WE Barely Even Made It Out Alive Back On The Island – An Absolute Hit By Lightening And The Whole Theme Of the First 6 Years On Siesta Shores Was: WHOOOOOOO ARE YOUUUU and WHYYYYYY ARE YOU HEREEEEEE … Until December 2016 When I Revealed Who I Am And March 2017 When I Revealed Why I’m Here. Then It’s Been Four Years Of Me Showing You All Clearly Why I Didn’t Reveal My Truth At Hello … It’s Called : Identity Theft, Human Traffickin

And Abandoned G6.

What The Way Back Is … Don’t Ask ME Beloveds . I Came TO Allow Full Meridian, Chakra Reopening, Love Everywhere Present, Balanced Harmonics, Dreams Of True Love Come True. Instead I’m Dealing With My Soul Being Forced Stolen By The Devil and Forced Ritualized Into Dumb Thief Ugly Whores Whose Retarded Buddies Email Me Essays Regarding Why Another Girl Is More Worthy At Being Me Than Myself. Talk About Fucking Pop-Tarts In MK-ULTRA Programming All Justifying Ego-Mind Over Heart-Brain And I Have To Pay The Price and Watch The Idiots With Masks Walking Around In Fear Instead Of 5D Activations And Missions On …. All Lead By Some Fake Ascension Ppl Called Lovehaswon Who Only Used Me To Steal My Trust To Put A Spell On All Creation .

No Clue How To Manifest And Further Assist . This Is The Abomination Of Love.