Oh ~ Galactic Central Musings As The Epidemic Parasitic Infestation BUGS OFF OUR UNITY >

Yeeeehawwwww ! Greetings From Sunny Funny And Honey California Land Of Sunshine Glory Out On Our Wonderfully Lit Walk Of Fame Our Star Lit Up World! Oh So Many Legends Died In Vain Out Of Mind Control And Power-Over Rituals And Hierarchy Principles Derived Of The Lack Of Self-Love Present Inside Lucifer Morning-Star, Father Of All Creation, Archangel Uriel Resulting In The Fathers Of The Cedar Pheonix Land, The Real Founding Fathers, Becoming Suicidal Due To The Money Inside Our Banks Having Been Robbed By The Politicians … Not Able To Provide And The Founding Family Of The Money Today Announced Money Is An Illusion ~ In Other Words They Have Killed Hope And Faith .

We Need A Revival . This Is Aurora Mother OF New Creation .

Let’s All Hang In Here And Elaborately Focus On Channeling Heart Based Plasmatic Heart Based Energy For This Planetary Release Of the Parasite Infesting Us All . Thanks For Your Patience .

Aurora ~Da One <3

Born This Way ~ So Magnetic People Kill Steal Lie And Die To Become Me 😉

xoxo Aurora Diamond Rainbow Morning-Star ! I Am Your Magic Secret Manifesting Formula In The Light My Fairies Are Supreme Magic And Bright X Love You More Shine Your Light ! Book Sessions Angels We Must MAINTAIN AND ASCEND 4 ALL ~ I Forgive You Monkeys.

So Grateful For My Island Transformation And Sending Diamond Light Divine To My Turtles, Dolphins, Sands, Seas, Whales, Winds And Magic Moments Every Sky Cloud Breath In And Out My Heart Galactic Central ~ Being IT . Walking The Light Being IT And Sharing My Vision Even If All In Creation Call Me Crazy I Am One Hundred MISSION Uniting Heaven And Earth And I Am Unstoppable , Divine Glory Holy Bright .

Choose Love And The Light And I Encourage You To Book Sessions With Me Let’s Connect And Unite !

Auroramotherofnewcreation.com ~ Your Prime Creator Holy Divine Feminine . Holy Grail 00Phoenix00Archea.RA.

Divine . Self Love, Thanks Archangel Michael For The Etheric Super Assistance And So Grateful We Are Able To Liberate Hollywood Equal Humanity From The Lies Of The Witch Mom And Daughter. Time For The Truth To Outshine All This Dumb Two Year Old Game Of Dark Alien Morons Taking Over My Creation And Spreading Hate Lies Masks And GLOBAL PANDEMIC ~ It’s A Frequency we Send To Galactic Sun To Burn Never Return Again.

New Frequencies Lemurian Codes Arctus Activations Super Available Let’s Connect Book Sessions Hollywood And World ! Church Of Ra !

Choose The Real Aurora ~ Why All Ensnared By Lucifer And His Fake Loser Wanna Be Me Hoe ? Choose Winner Side xoxo Aurora . MWAH

Also, Grounding And Confidence Codes For Divine Feminines As We’re About Ready To Reactivate All Chakras And Meridians With This New Lemurian Wave . Can You Feel It Yet ? Stay Centered And Don’t Forget Meditating With The Trees! Lots Of Patience And Heart Based Giving I’m Now On Mission Bringing Back Hope and Faith To Hollywood . One I Can ~ Kill The Illusion And Revive Truth In Hearts. Cut Chords With All The Lies At Once . Mwaaaaaah !