Final Events Energies Update ~ On Divine Unions

So The Truth Of All Matters Is That The Karmic Force Is Secretly Helping The TWINS SO MUCH In Our Unions 🙂 Now That My Identity Is Scattered And I Must Have Supreme Focus As To Gathering Myself Into One Spot, I Truly Have No Ability To Freely Think The Thought: “I can’t lose my twin we’re the same soul” …. since he scattered me in many bodies just to spite me . so he made it in a way where I can lose my soul. that’s what happens when Lucifer is one’s twin. You’re Welcome the Rest Of You .

Middle Of The Night, I Went Ahead And Tried To Reach my Lawyer In Sarasota. On An Online Forum. Right Away It Said That My Twin Flame Is Taurus. So Apparently This Twin Flame Thing Is Now A Political Based Forum And Even The Lawyers Are Playing Along. So My G6 Abandoned Me Cos My Green Card Was Only Served On Me Being Deported Or Marrying Into Islam. That’s How Deep The Hatred Towards Mother OF New Creation Goes.


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER