Final Events Energies Update ~ Divine Fem’s Got Sons ;)

Greetings To All In Creation Thanks For Grandest Greatest Energies Of Purest Love Energies Ever-Present. We Are Stepping Out Of The “Divide” Energies Due To The Cabal’s Initial Rebuke At Shasta Galactic Central The Night I Had My Money Pay For Lucifer’s Room And I Revealed To Archangel Michael My Galactic Mother Name And It Was Decided To Hijack Me And Allow A Bunch Of Fems To Write My Name On I.D And Emulate Me All In Secret In The Hopes Of Getting Me Deported And Dumbed Down.

I Am Presently Tapping Into Highest Energies Of Discernment After My First Fall Whereby My Heart Based Innocent Energies Of Sunshine Light Were Turned Into A Circus Whereby Too Many Vampire Succubus Incubus Nations Represented By Individuals Tried And Still Do Their Best To “Dog” Me And Of Late The Latest Attempt After All The Rapes, Murders, Deportation, Mind-Fucking The Cops, Threats And Beyond Failed, The Best New Strategy Is To Try And Ruin My “Reputation” By Mocking My Hair Colors And Eyebrow Shape While Still Calling Me A Name Standing Up For My Parents Which Nobody Asked Anyone To Do But That’s What Jealous Envious Sad People Do.

In Return I Have Closed Down My IG Account, Reason Being A Person Created An Account With My Photos And Name On It Talking Down At Me Like They Own Me Which Sounds A Lot Like A Karmic Energy Of Supreme Dark Energy … To Then Call Me Schizophrenic Which Anyone That Creates An IG Profile With My Pics And Name Is Themselves But That’s How The Story Goes It’s All Projections.

On A Separate Note I Aurora Mother of New Creation Have Today Re-Programmed The Whole Field To Expel All The Lustful Energies Going Around The Current Age Youth Whereby They All Lust Over Each Other Justified And Since I Last Expressed or Voiced Anything I Was Invited A Couple Times To Take Part Of Their Little World Of Stacking Up Bodies And Harming, Hurting Each Other (11:11), Which Terribly Harms Feminine’s And Masculine’s. I Have Taken Time To Explain To These Entities Inhabiting These Bodies That The Point Of The Divine Plan Is To Focus One’s Attention On One Divine Partner So We Can Be On Mission As One Soul Shared Between Two Bodies But Instead The Masculine Is Stooping Down To The Level Of The Karmic’s Jealous Envious Energies Of Wanting At Any Cost To Get A Rise Out Of The Feminine’s Suffering…

In Response To All Those Attacking Me For My Childlike Energies And Trying To Ruin My Reputation By Putting Me In Children’s Modeling Agencies Etc., All I Have To Say In Response Is I Am Very Grateful!

At Initial God-Head Siesta Key We Shprutzed Up The Field In Those Terms By Reversing The RGBH Non-GMO Hormones Added To Foods Around In Order To Create Immortality Codes And This Process I Created At The Initial Garden Of Aurora 2009 To Enhance The Shift From Carbon To Spirit. Yes I Forever Am A Childlike Being Which Is Love However The Way My Jealous Thief Attackers That Have Stolen My Identity Using Succubus Whore Energies Of Getting With Masculines Who Gave Them Everything I Created And Allowed Them To Attempt Murder Me Deport Me By Calling Me On Job Site On November 30 2016 And Beginning To Convince Me I Should Leave Mission House Then Daily Calling Me Hijacking My intelligence By Russia Which Is The Woman Who Stole My Identity And Passport And Tried And Still Does Her Best To Get The Cops To Call Me Insane For Having Robbed Me And She Makes Believe I’m Her Child When I Created Her! I Gave Her The Session And She Went For Making My Masculine Prospects Cheat And She Lured Them Into Fake Promises Of Gold … But Jesus Is Lord And I Am Working On Dismantling Any Triggers Left Within That Get Affected The Least Bit By The Thieves .. Matter Of Fact, Many Ppl Still Pretend They Are Jesus And Many Ppl Follow Them And Even If The USA Government Wants To Insist I Am Not Permitted To Put My Own Archea Contract Name On Paper And They Insist On Corona-Virus And Many Other Calamities For Granting My Work To Barnabas … It Doesn’t Matter I Still Am The One And Only Archea Rainbow Aurora No Matter How Angry It Makes My Premadonna Younger Session Girls Wanna Bees 🙂

I Am Now Working On Full Transmutation Of My Carbon Body Into Etheric In Order To Fully Channel My Higher Soul Self And I Trust The Divine In God’s Plan In Serving Me My Birth Right And Divine Right.

Here’s The Latest Video Filmed Tonight At This Address I Am Grateful To Have Spent Some Time Shedding The Pain Body That Was Created After My Intrusion At Tennessee And Coming Back To South Carolina.

A Road Towards Tennessee Is Re-Opening It’s Only A Matter Of Courage And Forward Movement And Divine Timing.