Final Events Energies Update ~ NEARERER THAN EVERER

Greetings LOVES!

Many New Occurrences Including Seemingly My Twin Flame Atlantis Getting In Contact With Me With Some Real Heavy Politically Charged And Polarized Energies. Apparently U.K Versus U.S.A Is On Top Of The Ice Cream Cone At The Time Being. They Showed Up In The Form Of An Energy Insisting On Calling Me Schizophrenic For Saying My Name Is Aurora. In Truth, Schizophrenia Is When One Does Things Automatically And Unconsciously But In My Case I Only Refer To Myself As The Government Name When Dealing With Government Issues And Bills However And Since I Heard My Galactic Mother Name As Well As Received My Contract, I Cannot Lie To Any Being Including All Fauna And Flora Recognizing My Soul And Essence. So I Am Still Pushing Towards Non-Duality And Will Never Stop No Matter What That Takes Including Full Healing Of My Neck-Shoulder. I Know Myself To Be The Leader And Strangely Enough They Seem To Be Wanting To Refer Me To Some Strange Harry-Megan Vs “The Queen” Story However In Truth I Cannot Seem To Know Who “The Queen” Might Be In My Life At All Since I Am The Queen!

The Masculine’s Energies Were Very Dark And Lustful And Full Of Anger And Resentment And So Much Sorrow … Guilt And Helplessness That I Cannot Really Pin Down Or Grab Onto And They Seem To Be Playing A Game With The Authorities To Scare Me From Evolving And Being Who I Came Here To Be But Moving My Blood In My Vessel Is Assisting In Transmutation On The Physical From Carbon To Spirit And I Am Fearless Since My Essence Soul Is In Action And I Cannot Even Relate To The Sick Games They Attempt To Force Me To Relate To With The External Appearance And Vain …

Having Light Sun Lit Beach Bleach Hair Served The Purpose Of Opening The Crown Chakra And Field To Receiving Lit Expansive Energies Until the Completion Of My Kundalini Awakening And I Am Not Ready To Go Any OTher Shade This IS Not A Matter Of Vanity I Work For Ascension And The Divine Source God Even Though Shasta AAM And MG Denied Me Several Times But My Guides Know What Is For My Highest Vision Version And I Will Not Succumb To External Judgment Energies. Which I Brush Off Including The Really Harsh Pointing Fingers Energies Coming My Way.

Some Money Was Placed In My Wells Fargo For The Purpose OF Moving And The Destination Is Tennessee However As I Am Realigning My Spine And Chakras Meridians, I Am Still Downloading The Codes To Decipher What IS Going On In The Gentile Reality Of Judgmental Ppl That Create Fake News To Tell Me Weird Stories About Why They Cannot Find Anything Better To Do With Themselves Than Resenting My Hair Color And Eyebrows….

I Bless You All In The Highest As We Navigate In Peace And Love The Next Few Hours As I Final Release Many Carbon Forms Of Energy Stuckness. All Coming Together Amazingly And Well. Be Well And Happier. I Am Inviting Way More Life And Laughter Into My Breath, Veins And Light! Bring It On Angels And lighten Up The Load … On Those Gentiles . What’s It Gonna Be ?