Final Events Energies Update ~ On The Truth

Greetings . In Truth Jesus Wasn’t Supposed To Be Crucified. This IS The Actual Truth. He Never Came Here Knowing OR Planned By God The Father To Have To Go Through What He Did Go Through And The Plan Was Never To Have The Whole “Christianity” Cult Created. Jesus Is Just The Poster Child Example For What Happens To Any NORMAL Lemurian God/Goddess Aligned With Their Heart-Brain And That Has ZERO Ego-Mind.

Where Jesus Went Wrong Is He Kept Being Triggered By The Devil And Behaved 100% Opposite To All Ego-Mind Idiots Under The Sun Triggering Them To The Points Where He Got Himself Crucified. It Was A Personal Choice To Not Be Able To Comprehend How Ego-Mind Imbeciles Process Information. He Wasn’t Equipped With Laser-Plasma Heart Based Tech To Protect Him And He Walked Around Putting His Skills And Divine Gifts On Display Even On Sabbath Which Made The Idiots Question His Identity And Kept All The Idiots In Self-Justification For The Longest Time, Not Even Accepting The FACT That HE Was Reviving The Dead.

Nowadays The Idiots Are Even More Vehement And Idiotic And Advanced In Their Retardation Which Would Make A Jesus Hiding In Female Form Really Scared Since He This Time Was Told By God The Father That The Physical Crucifixion Isn’t Necessary Nor Helpful Since IT’s 2020 Years Later And The Idiots Still Don’t Get It And Have Used His Power To Façade Advance And Create The Most Idiotic Cults Under The Sun Utilizing Fake Spiritual Powers To Commence Lustful Practices Inspired By Indian Gurus That Grew Up With Cow Shit As Perfume Create Yoga And Super Idiotic Practices That Put Human Bodies In Hyper Dumb Positions To Amuse The Devil And All Demons With Their Asses Pointing Towards Each Other’s Faces In Heated Rooms Where They Can All Enjoy The Smell Of Human Decay And Carbon Forms Then They Go To Churches On Sunday And Commune Which Is Another Form Of Black Magic In Swallowing “Body Of Christ Blood Of Christ” Only Meant To Entangle Bodies And Have Them Breed Idiotic Babies In Absurdia.

Mary’s Suffering Isn’t Kosher And The Eve Thing Isn’t Either. The Devil Tried To Tell Jesus That There Are Other Ways To Assist Heaven On Earth Be A Victory But Jesus’ Heart Wouldn’t Be Able To Choose Anything Besides The Crucifixion. Same As How Archangel Michael Cannot But Kill Lucifer Each Time Again And Again. Must Be High Time For A Reset Cos The Example Jesus Set Is Unnecessary!

It Is NOT Necessary To Accept Life In Pain And Suffering As A Norm Thinking: “Oh Jesus Did It First” . He Is Our Lemurian Rock-Star Example Of Embodying One’s Higher-Self Including How Mother Mary Was Brought Up To Heaven In A Body Without Needing To Physically Die Since She Had To Carry Baby Jesus Who Is A Perfect Divine Being Inside Her Womb Nine Months And Then Lived A Life In Complete Sacrifice Mode As Normal Amongst The Sinner Ugly Whore Women Of The Time That Are Liars And Greedy.

The Sacrifice And Suffering Strata Isn’t At All Necessary And Especially Not 2020 Years Later.