Final Events Energies Update ~ Eyes Want To Cry . Is It My Pain Or Yours?

Greetings To All

Happy Sunday Funday I Do Take Full Responsibility For Things Fucking Up SO BAD In The Past And In My First Attempts. I Am The One Who Bought Into Light Of The Immortals Promise And Love Declaration And I Put All My Eggs In Wrong Baskets Repeatedly. Made Me Lose SO MUCH FUNDS AND TIME And IT’s A HUGE Summer Bummer Situation Where All Involved Are In Supreme Pain Levels. My Personal Feelings Of Fear Related To Actual Dreams Of True Love Ever Being Able To Come True After My ATROCIOUS Past Experiences And Fake MISERABLE Friendships And Incredibly SAD Investments That Never Gave Must Be Released For My And Everyone Else’s Highest Good As We All Have As One Already Chewed Over All These Misplaced Invested Energies Enough And It Is Wearing Us Out.

We All Know By Now The Whole Hollywood Transmission Up Until Today Mainly Concerns Misaligned Love Energies Where The Titanic Sinks, Jake Dies, Romeo And Juliet Never Make It And IT’s All Psycho Creeper Annunaki Land Of Humanity Lost In Absurdia Repeating The Octave Again And Again To No Avail.

Least Now, We As Beings Are Addressing All These Issues Using Tarot Cards Which Is Allowing The Stuck Emotions And Feelings From The GAP That I Aurora REFUSE TO Mind DEAR BRITAIN, In Order To Remove The Illuminati’s Attempts At Making Chick Out OF Humanity And Disallow The Illuminati To Take Ownership Of Me And The Divine Plan And Turn It Into A JOKE CIRCUS Forum Of Coronavirus And Pain And Suffering.

You All Have Used Extreme Manipulation Means On Me To Hide Your Insecurities And Sins Under The Rug And Get Away With Trying To Similarly Swipe All OF Me Under The Rug And It Hasn’t Worked. I As A Being Still Have THREE Complete Legal Years While My Floridian Driver’s License Is Only Still Valid Till This October 19th So By Then Guess I’ll Probably Have Chosen A New State To Launch My Efforts From Since The Last Ten Years Of Investment And Effort Lead Me Down The Gutter In Wilshire Filing Homeless In California As An Abandoned G6 Where The Former Husband Calls Idiotic Manipulative Islanders That Try To One Up Me Over Valentine’s And Make The Most Beautiful And kindest Heart On Earth Cry For The Fuck Of Being Patriarch Misogynist Lying Users In Hell.

But Enough Is Enough And I Have Faith And Believe That There Are Good And Better Beings Under The Sun And I Am Severely Tired Of Paying Attention To Shit Heads That Severely Abused Me Ten Years And Beyond Now.

Every Night I Have Recurring Nightmares And Since USA Hasn’t Chosen Love And Only Chooses Ego In Placating ME Placing Me In Songs And Movies As Make Pretend Means To Save USA’S Soul Which Hasn’t Panned Out, Some Foreign Ladies Are Now Attempting To Steal Aurora On Paper From The Phoenix Since All Their Attempts At Having Me Leave USA Failed.

This Feels Hopeless And My Eyes Want To Cry All The Time Which They Have Been Involuntarily More Often Than Not Since My Return To HELL HILTON ISLAND . It Is What It IS And Is Totally Up To Me To Transmute All Those Manipulative Energies Of Incapacitated Loser Masculines Who Think They Are Princess Pea .

Namaste And Blessings.