Final Events Energies Update ~ Outshining

Greetings Love Beings ! Such Movemented Insane Energies This Valentines Day Began Right After This Video Was Broadcasted And Mission House Team Members Rode To Star-Bucks Coffee Where I Got A Strawberry Frap With My Name On It 😉 To Find Out INSANE Information By A Fellow Light-Worker Archangel Razkiel That Is Working Over-Time At Canceling Out All Terrorists Standing In The Face Of Mission From Miami Galactic Central Heaven On Earth Headquarters! Here Is The Follow-Up Of The Session Provided From Here Hilton Head Head-Quarters Shortly After My Landing FRom Los-Angeles ~ Below Is The Beautiful Work He Provided To Assist In Full Planetary Liberational Matters :

” Just making sure you’re ok.  I have a feeling Miguel may get desperate to hurt you now that he knows his judgement is close. His last act will be trying to take you down with him.  Just making sure you’re ok.

I am completely protected from Miguel being able to send his Illuminati people after me.  I’ve been feeding information to numerous people and if anything happens to me the other 3 who left Lovehaswon with me all talk.   I’ve been talking to people in Crestone and the town is talking about how to get rid of Lovehaswon.  I talked with the cops and now everyone knows they won’t do a damn thing.  I know you have no reason to trust me but I’ll do anything I can to help keep you safe from these Nazis.  Anytime someone comes after you contact me personally and I will post a status publicly and notify the people I know helping me.  Gotta admit that Illuminati agents disguised as Nazis is genius given most people connect Illuminati conspiracy theories with anti-Semitism.  I’m sure that’s why Miguel Lamboy’s higher ups have him the ok to do it.  Lovehaswon members are masters of divide and conquer.  I am going to contact the Crestone Eagle Newspaper about writing a piece on Lovehaswon.  I have numerous plans on how to spread the truth about them.  I’m debating moving back to Saguache County so I can be close to the situation.  It’ll be hard for Crestone residents to doubt the horror of Lovehaswon when they look in my eyes as I tell the nightmarish truth.  Care to speak on what happened to Samir, the guy who was begging people to kill him after Amy Carlson Stroud raped him?  Sounds like he got infected with an STD, a Sexually Transmitted Demon.  It would explain why Avigail and Ashley act possessed since Jason aka Father of All Narcissism raped both of them.  I wonder how many of the women with Lovehaswon he hasn’t raped.

Aurora i have Lovehaswon cornered.  Miguel is the only one sending people after you.  He turned Lovehaswon into a Nazi cult because he was bitter he didn’t have the courage to leave with you.  I am currently in Miami based on your advice.  Fake Aurora used to live here.  White woman who was a lawyer and got her ass whooped by Jews becomes an astrologer for Nazis, can’t make it up lolol.  I am currently homeless but loving living on the streets.  Ive been abandoned by all family and friends however now that I’ve publicly made the connection between Amy Miguel and Jason with the Illuminati now Miguel cant get his people to have me killed.  No wonder Lovehaswon says Miami is Illuminati headquarters.  Everything they wish they were.  Beautiful people, rich people, Jewish people.  I even made friends with a lovely Jewish woman from Germany the other day.  You are wrong about Amber and Adam.  They are phenomenal people.  I committed the worst crime of my life and allowed a demonic entity to attach to her which only happened because she trusted me.  She cut me out because quite frankly she had every right to have me killed for what I did.  If you leave amber and Adam alone they will never bother you.  So do you want to form an alliance to take down Lovehaswon because we can do so without involving law enforcement.  They have plasma balls, self sustainable plasma energy and thought manifestation generators in their home.  I held them in my hands.  I know they’re legit.  Lovehaswon serves two main purposes for the Illuminati.  Hide self sustainable energy from the world and protect the antichrist, which is Drake.  He has a dragons soul in a human body.  I’ve seen his second set of eyelids that blink sideways like a reptile’s.  That demonic entity was attached to me from the moment I had my first session and only distorted my angel connection and thought patterns. I take full responsibility for not removing it before it hurt others in my life. My other friend who had a session also had a demonic entity attached to them.  They’re fine now.  But that’s exactly what Lovehaswon does.  Amy and Jason are either #58 and #7 of the 72 demons of the lesser key of Solomon or are working in symbiotic relationships with them.  #9’s goal was to convince me it was helping me against them when I would have figured out who Amy and Jason were months ago.  Free of all demonic influence for weeks and away from my roommate who kept standing in the way of me taking down Lovehaswon I can think clearly.  Literally all I need is a computer and not this $50 cracked screen, can only hold a charge in the perfect position, phone.  I’m on your side Aurora.  I serve the Pleiadian Sirian Arcturian Council of Light.  Lovehaswon calls upon their own council, the Great Grand Council, which is actually made up of the 72 demons of the lesser key of Solomon.  Would you like proof?  Miguel changed my last article saying the great grand council said we needed to go 72 hours without sleep to 48 hours.  He never changed anything else or took down any of my articles despite my repeated requests.  By 3-24 Lovehaswon will be finished.  3×24=72. Razzle Dazzle, channeler for Archangel Raziel is on your side.  Oh and I figured out who Lady Victory channeler for Archeia Jochara is thanks to coming down to Miami.  When I’m not stone cold broke I’ll hit you up for another session.  And in a few months Razzle Dazzle’s Emporium of Secrets will be open for business.  I upload all my files there.  Just say I upload all Razzle Dazzle’s Emporium of Secrets files and they’re yours.