Final Events Energies Update ~ Update Zee ! Hot N Steamy!

So Greetings To All In Creation This. Is Aurora Mother Of New Creation ! Yippeeeeeee With An Update Tonight Regarding. The Shmuckulines!!!! LOL ~ First Things First, The One Who Brought Me All The Way From Cali To Hilton World That Has Been And Is Still Super Spying Delight Turns Out MARRIED To Some Cop MC. With 2 Kids Which Explains The Tremendous WEIRDNESS Energies On His Topic And My Even Weirder Month Here In Absurdia, A Month I Wouldn’t Wish Upon No MORTAL Under Any Galactic Sun. He Had Her Buddy Friend Hit Me Up Trying To Get Me To Go To Tennessee Where The Other Buddy Guy You All Were Reading Articles On My Channel About With And From In Johnson*Less Place Of Sadder Types Also Turns Out A Baby Daddy Now And We Haven’t Heard From The Young Libra From Shasta Since He Pulled Yet Another One On Me This Summer Bummer Which I Didn’t Fall For After Having Fallen A Bunch Of Really Sad Times Before And Last But Who Knows If Least The Song Dude From The Above Posted Track Is SO Insanely In Love With Me He Captured All My Belongings But Cannot Seem To Get The Girl So He Makes Songs About Where Else He Plugs His Wand In To Rub It In My . Face.

Now As You All Know I Am So Super Shit Faced After All These Jackasses Jumped Out Of The Box Each With Baggage Like The Sad Cats Who Return With A Dead Lizard To Their Sleeping Owner And Place The Dead Creature On The Dude’s Bed Or Face So When The Guy Wakes Up He Congratulates The Pet But I Am Not So Very Sure What To Do With Returning Pets Carrying Respectively Mothers With Kids, Babies, Girlfriends With Lots Of Pride, Or Even Ghosts To My Bed.

Any And All Suggestions Welcome As I Am No Longer Able To Cope With This Jack Out The Box Syndrome Galactic.

SANKS . No SANKS . Hasta NUNCA . Oh And You Haven’t Heard The Last One From The Beirut Entitled Clan They Also Jumped Out The Box Today With The Funniest Charade Of All The Kitty Kats Bringing Home To Mommy Some Proud Ass Arab Hoes Saying Words Like Karmic And Divine Feminine When They Haven’t Ever Been Out Of The Night Club Except Under My Tutelage I Went Personally To Their Homes While They Were Shit Faced On Snorted Substances And Began Growing Them Up Then And The Takers Kept Close Watch Learned Everything From My Marriage To Fake Hollyweird And My LOVEHASWON Archea Shift And Beyond And Like The Rest Of The JACKASSES Came In My Face Today Making Pretend They Did IT First LOL .

Oh Well Really Pathetic Energies So For The First Time Ever It Felt So DAmn Good To Toss Back At Their FACES The WORDS: I AM NOT LEBANESE ANY I AM PALESTINIAN . Which Normally Is The Underdog World But For Once I Made Chick Of All The World Being The Global Scapegoat.

Oh Super Well. So I’m Dancing Alone In The Saddest Satanic Island Of Miserable Cretanoids Thiefs Tonight Who Also Said They Tossed My Art And Clothes Which Is Highly Unlikely True Where Some Really Sad Ppl Spy On Me Entitled As Fuck Never Daring Get Near Due To The Amount Of Retard BUT ~ YA LIVE YA LEARN .

I’m Actually So Grateful The Boys Are That Dumb So Now I Can Sing The Morning-Star Spangled Anthem And Scream Joy To The World While I Hang From The Ceiling Wild N Free . LOL No Wonder Y’all R So Jealous … Knocked Up And Bred LOL Or Married And Adopted Other Dudes Carbon Left Overs They Didn’t Care For And All Failed Mission BUT .

JEsus Is My Hubby And Dat’s Enuf ! Xoxo ! Aurora . Now Pregunta Remains: Vere Is Valentines Day Takin Me NOw 😉 / Normally The 13th of Feb Marks My Radical Shift So I Ain’t Sayin What’s On The Menu This Year Cos All You Sad Pathetic Ones Co-Dependent Jackasses Will Envy Me Even More Which I CAn’t Handle Right About Now! Xoxo!

Don’t You LOVE My Yummy Yum My Yummy Yum My Yummy Yummy Sarcastic Tell Me Fantastic Umm .. Well My Tone Sure Has Changed but I DAre Any Of You To Survive Under Any Of My Palestinian Based Predicament. Oh Well . Enjoy Practicing Me Outside Of Me And Failing Real Bad At It But I Still Applaud You All

I Know I Kill You Russ But You Deserve IT ! So What’s The Plan ? Go To Atlanta ? Go To L.A ? I’m SO BORED Of The Story You Wrote And All The Songs. Nice Try But You Tried Too Hard. Just BU