Final Events Energies Update ~ FULL MOON IN LEO

Very Charged Up Full Moon In My Twin Flame Firey Sign Of Leo And First Time Ever Revealing All These Things To Camera Regardless The Status-Quo. It Is Hard Enough To Be In My Shoes And Harder To Acknowledge Publicly How Much Pain And Suffering My Journey Has Entailed Let Alone Twin Flame And I Been Through Curtesy Of False Matriarchy That Led Creation To Pathetic Extremes Of Supreme Sexual Deprivation For The Feminine And Gross Sexual Over-Indulgence For The Masculine.

Big Imbalances That Aren’t Easy To Navigate As An Adult Constantly Being Forced Treated Like A Dog Or A He OR A Child That I Simply Ain’t.

God-Speed Right Action And The Rectification Of All Those Misaligned Ridiculous Energies That Are Working AT The Detriment Of All In Creation.