Final Events Energies Update ~ Back To The Island!

Rileys Shenanigans . Showing Up And Sitting Alone For Lunch . Got To Make A Move But Waiting On My Body To Feel A Little Better And Some Sort Of A Miracle. The Last Time I Went On The Road, I Had Been In EXTREME Levels Of Abuse And Misplaced Energies. (Takes A Lot To Leave A Luxurious Comfortable Setting Where One Has Invested Very Many Years And Hit The Road On A Random Greyhound Direction God-Knows-Where!)

Feels Supremely Good To Have The Courage To Stand One’s Ground At The Face Of Supreme Resistance And Evil Energies. It Is Tiring But Was A MUST. I Am Really Grateful For God’s Endowment Granting Me The Force To Make It Back Home. IT Is True Hollywood Cali Gave Me Wings But I Couldn’t Be More Grateful That I Fought All The Odds To Get Here. My Health Is Being Restored And My Whole Constitution Is Re-formed.

This Is A Tough Chapter And A Very Unfortunate One After All The Years Of Dedication Put Into My Citizenship But Nobody Said It Would Be Easy. I Remain Head Strong And Know That Sooner Or Later Something Good Will Smack Dab Me Right In The Face. Sorry To All Idiots Who Dedicate Their Lives In Torturing ME. Grateful For The Miraculous Beings That Are Backing Me Up. XOXO ~ AURORA