Final Events Energies Update ~ NEED4SPEED

Oh Miracles On Earth As We Ascend Back Home Into The Light We Have Some Movement Hit Us Up Here Tonight Oh Well Mr. Lee Wood Is Back On So Is Mariah And Things Are About To Pop Shiny Bright We Never Know I Must Exit This Forsyth Place IT Cannot Be Undone My Gold Bike Is Destroyed They Chopped Off One Of The Connections To The Leg Today And I Almost Died Except I’m Not Dead And Maria Called Me A Psycho Whoever Knows I Might Be On The Brink Of A Breakthrough I Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Island/Town My Contract And Mission For This Round Is O.V.E.R OVER Angels Archangels All In Creation Thanks For Speedy Energies I NEED My Wells Fargo Card And My Freedom Back I Do Not Accept This B.S At Any Level. HELP. AIUTO. GET ME OUT OF THIS BLACK MAGIC ISLAND THANKS I HATE MY LIFE. THANKS