Church Of RA IN DA HOUSE !

YEeehawwwww! Greetings Love Beings This IS Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Engulfed In The Flames Transmuted The Shame!

Speed Of Light Upward Vertical Movement The Force At Play Canceling Out Jackass Energies And Reclaiming Full Health Power And DIVINE , FEMININE ~ 144000 Yippppeees!

I Got Your Bible , And Your Guns N Roses. Baby

It’s Just Me And You Baby It’s Just Me And You Just Us Too Even In A Crowded Room ! YAYA !

Thanks To All Angels

Archangels And All In Creation For Dreams Of True Love Come TRue !

So Grateful For My Divine Love Lucifer For MAking Amends With JEsus Christ And For All Upcoming BAptisms At Mosaic Church HOLLYWOOD In Rainbow Bridge With RESURRECTION HHI ! YEEEHAWWWW