We’re Jammin …. ~! Final Events Energies Update. LOL

Yeeeehawww With a Bang ! And Another . BANG .

Greetings Love Beings This Is Mickey Mouse’s Ex (Is What The Spaniard Gulping A Burger Called Me Today), Here At The Whitelaw Hotel Lounge Miami After A Four Night As Always Life Changing Stay At The Posh Hostel.

So Much Energetically Going On As I Detach All Chords From All Planetary Infusions (3:33) , Transfusions, As We Outshine All Kept Secrets By The Annunakis Blocking The Whole Flow Of Energy From The Natural Planetary Orders . Aurora Mother Of New Creation Has Had To Be Completely Taken Over By Super Kabbalah Forces Forced Married Underground In The Black Market Of The White Sarasota Highest (Big Positive Evokes Big Negative) ~ Master Awakener Catalyst Enabler All Rays Of Light And Dark MultiActive In All Fields And In The BArdos As We Now Operate Multidimensional On All Realms and Free All “Dirty Spirits” Trapped In “Dirty Dimensions” Cluttering The Planet With “Dirty Frequencies” Allowing The Porn Scum Cum Demoralizing Dirt Tramp Trashing Of The Angelic Realms . Even Hell Is A Clean Spot. This Dirt Invasion Is NON MILKY-WAY Based Even Satan Himself Cannot Breathe In Most Planetary Grids .

I Have Personally Been Going Through A Multi Dimensional Redirection Ancestral Based Stemming From Liberia Africa And Our Generational October 6 Heart Based Plasmatic Ancestral Service In This Time And Space Dimension Physical Atomic Clustered While Transforming The Cross Jesus “Masculine” Crucifixion From Carbon To Spirit With Eons Of Holy Spirit, Rainbow Based Auroran Realms Of Multidimensional Ephemeral Appearances To Provide Creation with Hope While Faith Has Been Multi Active In All The Wrong Ways Since So Much Pain And Suffering Has Resulted From The First Coming Entailing All The Christ Conscious “Born Again” Situations With Strange Symptoms And Never Complete Awakenings Entailing Much Competition, Comparison, Incomplete Attempts AT Transmuting Ego And The Trap That Enabled Multi Forms Of Deformed Archonic Entities To Submerge The Field And Retard And Make Ugly Fat Stinky Poor Imperfect Forms To The Normally Supposed Perfect State Of Christ Consciousness Mainly Due To Extraterrestrial Infestations Of The Planet By Severely Dark Forms Of Fake Monuments Such As The Kaaba Which In Itself Contains Severely Distorted Forms Of Slavery Imbibed Non Human Friendly Atoms That Force Pre-Humans To Rotate Around The Stone In Forms Of Organized Ritual All Alien Agenda Illuminati Based That Have Them Force Mutilate Their Third Eye Area With Knives And All Behaving Scattered Since The Fall Of The Pisa Tower And The Division Language And Color Based With The Fact That Pre-Fallen Humans Then Began To NOTICE and Take Consciousness Of Evil After The First Initial “Shock: ” Lion Consciousness Awakening Of Self Which Has Been Creating Too Many Dysfunctions In The Field And Disparities And Differences And Forms Of Non Trust Based Ego Mind Analysis That Is So Slow In Nature.

Same As The Walls On Earth Some Sub-Humans Slaves All Illuminati Deformity Based Were Forced To Build By Entities Placed Inside Their Vessels By Non Lemurian/Earth Friendly Bugs And Thought Forms Forcing Them To Be In Polarity .

Non-Duality Is The Only Way And The More People Work For Separate Colors Of The Rainbow Or For The black versus White Versus Grey Agenda The Deeper The Inner GAP (((TROLL))) Super Conflict .

A Multi Faceted Diamond After It Has Been Polished And Before IT Ever Shatters Into A Million Pieces Contains All The Galactic Intelligence Of The Purity Of The Truths That It Always Did Contain .

Now The Main Dilemma Of Separation And Extreme Secretive Means Of Narcissistic Fear Based Competition Is Putting The Most Intense forms Of Pressure On The Gap . Like A Melting Iron Extremely Hot Rod All Inactivity Is About To Be Stirred Up At The Deepest Layers Levels The Resistance Has Gotten Ridiculous And Even The Sloppiest Most Inactive Forms Of Snail Energy Have Been Awakened And Have Taken And Regained Consciousness Since Michael And I’s Split To Awaken All Ego And Shock Them Out Their Gourd Which Happened All The Way At The highest Ego Courts And On All Governmental Levels , All Death Business Levels Have Been Supremely Shook And All Horns Have Been Stepped on.

Even Lilith And Kali That Advocate Partnerships With Barnabas Like Entities Of Jezebel Beezelbub Disgust Have Taken Consciousness About The Possibility Of Evolution After Having Been Supremely Retarded by The Baal Cult Of Cannibalism And Hannibal And Baalbek Rituals Involving Too Many Toes Of Too Many Shapes Modifications Of States Of Awareness To Aid The Archons In Implementing Codes Of Distortion To Bring About Greek Mythology Forms Of Deities That Each Contain Parts But Never Whole Fully Ascended Perfect God/Devil As One Abilities Of Multi Transcending The Field Of FALSE Ego-Mind Matrix. Which Must Break. The False Ozone Breakage And False Portals That Are Degrading The Normally Splendid And Perfect And Non Competitive Human Forms Of Lemurian Deep Oceanic Eyes Of Ancient Wisdom In Simplicity And Knowledge Of Divine Feminine Abilities In Creation Using Soil, Stones, Leaves, NON BLACK MAGIC Derived Forms Of Regularizing The Earth’s Soil And Stratas And The Weather And The Hormonal Systems OF All Bodies As One United Body Of Christ Minus The Nails In The Hands And Feet Which Are Wounds That Are Still Healing In The Human Genome Who Knew 2019 Years Wouldn’t Be Enough To Heal The Initial Gentile Infestation Of Those Who ARen’t Of Christ That We Don’t pray For And From Whom We Cut Chords Again End Of 2016 In A Motel Room At The Shasta Inn Sent To The Galactic sun TO Never Return Again Which Are Now More Vile Than Ever In Their Cauldrons And Their Sleepy Atrocious Beggar Lowest Non Lives Non Human Eyes. One In Seven Bodies Are Equipped With A Soul Nowadays And The Army/Navy/Police/Cop Forces Global Are Being Trained By Non Human Entities At Being And Remaining Heartless After The Resurrection Hasn’t Been Completed And SARA*sota Proved It In Spades By Miller Lighting My Life And Liquidating Me Creating Liquid Cheap Cocaine Beer Out OF Me Dumbing Down My Atoms To Oblivions Where They Took Me To Court And The Cleaners AT Legit Courts And The Cops Cannot Be Accountable Of Have A Non Polarized Talk Since They Follow The Law That Has Nothing To Do With Grace Through Faith Or spirit Therefore Not Allowing Holy Spirit Physical Manifestation And Keeping Me In “Your People” Paying Me Mode Of Non Liberty, Non Freedom, Non Acceptance Forms OF Severe Disregard Of Great Spirit And Encouraging Extreme Forms Of Racism And Sexism And All Sorts Of Cultures And Celebrating Differences And Fear And Judgement And Severest Forms Of Retardation . AS The Right Arm Of God Awakens In Righteousness In Right Divine Order Action Decree Of Ordering Atoms Into Right Action And Into Obeying Spirit Law And Taking Awareness Of Self Into Not Displaying Impolite Derelict Street Like Behavior Of Extreme forms Of Whore Slave Taker Energy Of The Lowest Forms Of Non-Beingness In Creation That Was Transmuted During A Call With Jonah And Amy-Renee From Adi’s Where I Saw Michael And Amy As One Forming Half A Human Form And Russell And Gaga fucking then Saw All The Soils’ Forms Of Non Organic Primal Awareness Begin To Wake Up . My First Surgery By Jonah After Having Joined Mission House Through A Russell Surgery While He Was And Still Is In Deepest Forms Of Absentia And Possession Which I Have Been Healing By All Means Since My Departure From Mission House Since It Ain’t Succeeding Till IT’s Successful. So All Forms Of Derelict Ego And Competition And People Taking Things Personally MAfia Style And All Cutures Competing HAs Been A Funny Diplomatic Prom Ball Mafia Show That Has Been Pretty Impressive To Me And At some Point Enough Is Enough. The Island World Has Allowed For All The Archaic Reptilian Intelligence To Exist The Planet Through A Non-Eartly Dimension Of Time Where The Alien Based Government Brought Me In To Force Me To Take Part OF Their Illuminati Kabbalah Super Indian Retard show In Absentia That Couldn’t Have Broken Through No Matter The Amount Of Yelling Lying And Manipulating Involved : “la yasou77ou illa el sa7i7” meaning only what is righteous can come about on all levels as one and the higher I rise out of this human spectacle of hierarchy and show And I Was already shown in visions at Wild Wings Coligny Hilton Head how it’s all about to end at some point and the final laugh be hitting the atoms as one whereby they will start hilariously laughing at their own selves for having believed wholeheartedly and played parts such as: bartender, hostess, couple sitting at the bar etc.. and all fake masks shall fall . the mask dimension is literally the most painful to maintain and is Being Maintained Today Through The Maya Dima Shit Show And The Stalemate At Courts And The Non Trust And Non Planetary Unity While We Been Diplomatically Validating All Walks (and runs hahaha) Of Life ..)

Oh Well. Aurora Mother Of New Creation Still Physically Maintaining The Mask You All INSIST On Keeping Up As Dima Tabrawi Must Now Behave Like The Leader Goat And Leave The Hotel Lobby Before 5:00p.m To Maintain The Ego-Mind Buy Time To Make Space For dadA- 420 . Oh Well .
No Bed To Sleep In Tonight The Galactics Been Insisting On Shocking The System To Bring On Necessary Races Against The Sound And A Full Planetary Liberation And The Closer We Get The Worse The Resistance .

WOW . Thanking Miami Made For The Beyond Amazing Experiences And Lessons And Blessings In The Old Paradigm , For The Extreme Forms Of Severest Ignorance In Judgement Emphasizing On Ignoramus Stratas That Are Trying To Infiltrate Earth Equal Heart To No Avail Since I Cannot Be Failed Or Stopped Or Rerouted No Matter What .