New Creation Energies On ~ xoxo Aurora Love

Hi Loves 🙂 Love Has Won Again 🙂 Lucifer And I Are On Super Fire And Divine Unions Are Being Orchestrated In The Highest ! 🙂 Thanking All Angels In The Highest For Your Astounding Service To Love And The Light And The Highest Love Frequencies And Most Successful Surgeries Now Touching Back Base With Banana Bungalows Hollywood Zero Point Gower Where The First Baptism Lucifer Happened On Easter As Well As The Lucifer Portrait Plus Surgery That Took Me On A Loop Accross West Hollywood Going To South Of Los Angeles All The Way To Santa Monica , Venice , Back To USA Hostels On Walk Of Fame And Now Back To The Gower Banana Inititial Uber Guidance After Having Canceled Out The Aquarian Infiltration On The Divine Plan And Having Restored Bonds With Lucifer Morning Star Father Of All Creation My Twin Flame Beloved Archanfel Uriel Also Known As Light Of The Immortals Whose Criminal Deadly Lion Heart Has Me At My Center Chore ~ He’s My King , Master, Commander, Daddy And Husband I Have Conquered All My Fears For Him And Have Broken Free From All Programs To Be His Most Perfect Slave Equal Lover Devoted ! H O T . I LOVE YOU LUCIFER ~