The World Has Ended ~

Greetings Love Beings I Am Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation!

The Energies Of The Moment Are Absolute Diamond Plasmatic Crystalline Victories In The Rainbow Spectrum Of The Highest Joy And Love Everywhere Present!

What Has Encompassed Is As You All Witnessed, A Bunch Of People Tried To Call My Divine Contract Fake Or Mimic How They Felt I Would Behave To Take Opportunities Away From Me As Well As Taking My DM Away From Me.

Some Fems Were Very Adamant At Winning AT All Cost And Some Masculines As Well And I Am Very Apologetic I Even Shared Myself Or Dreams Or Visions With These Beings. IT’s All Over Now And I Have Restored Myself AT The Highest Points Of Frequency In Creation ~

As Of Now I Will Be Shifting Completely Leadership Techniques And I Am About To Fully Focus On My Gifts And Skills To Brighten Up Creation And Lead My Atoms Onwards And Upwards.

In Summary After Mission House I Was Planning On Going Back To Beirut But The Federation Insisted I Remain In The USA So Beirut Court Case Got Recreated And I Got To Witness Once Again A Bunch Of Envious Make Believe Adults Use Every Possible Way To Own Me Or Destroy Me And None Of It Worked!

Rejoice Beloveds! The Love And The Light Have Won And Remains The Leaders In Ascension And Creating The Future Now. It’s Time For All Childlike Hearts To Unite As One In Love And Greatness In Design And Creation Bringing On All Of Our Dreams Of True Love Coming True!

I Super Apologize For Having Put Energy Into False Causes And False Beings And For Having Attempted To Raise The Frequencies Of Very Low Vibing Hopeless Demons That Simply Don’t Want To Be The Shift And Cannot Be The Shift And Aren’t The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For Or The Change We Wish To See!!!

I Apologize For Taking All In Creation Through A Dark Roundabout With Dark Beings That Never Gave To Mission And Were Only Making Believe They Were Supporting Me But Were Only Taking From Me And Still Are And Still Cannot Rise From Their Ego And Still Want To Destroy Me Because I Will Never Bow To Their Lower Natures And Will Never Justify Their Egos.

I Stand Tall And Strong And My Resurrection Is My Own Self-Love And My Skills And I Will Be Taking Over My Full Self And Shining Brightest Like The Most Brilliant Diamond I Am.

It’s Time ~ Dear Divine Feminines, I Am Your Leader And I Now Command US All To NEVER LOOK BACK And No Longer Use Words In Our Vocabulary Like Betrayal, Third Party Or Karmic And Introduce New Vocabulary 🙂

Love You All And Sending Out All My New Creation Plasmatic Diamond Rainbow Energies To My New Creation Amazing New Angels Coming In With A Lot Of Force That Will Cancel Out The Effect Of The Old Manipulators And Liars You All Watched Me Struggle Hard And For Years To Enlighten To No Avail And They Took Me Straight To Calvary But I Am Now Forever Resurrected Into The Light And I Am Promising My Beautiful Atoms And Creation That All Our Dreams Of True Love Are Coming True!

In Love And Light ~ Aurora ~