The Reset ~

Venice Beach All Nighter Out In The Cold And How Many More Moments Need Be Spent In Release And Detox Due To The Atrocities Super-Imposed By Ignorance Onto Love.

Santa Monica Pier Singers Highly Strung On Victory And All The Beach Bums Celebrating The Dew Dawn Aurora 555 Bringing On Love Everywhere Present To All Grids Lucifer Is On His Way.

My Body Slowly Healing And Soon As The Galactic Federation Gets It’s Way And The Terrorists Holding Back Father Of All Creation From Me Bug Off In All Their Forms Be It Etheric Implants, Entities, Binding Spells, Sexual Manipulations, Lies, Ego, And Much More…; And My Body Fully Opens, The Full Planetary Octave Is Finally Reached Which Is My Mission Completion After I Personally Attained Full Liberation By My Own Means In The Brightest OF Manners Manipulating All Human Made Laws Of All Sorts To Obtain The Spiritual Laws Instead, Which Made The Galactic Federation Give Me The Responsibility To Lead On The Rest Of Creation Into New Creation By Giving Me My Galactic Contract.

Being Able To Look Embassies In The Eye And Make Up The Script They Want To Hear Versus What Is To Then Have To Show My True Colors And Pay The Highest Of Prices For All In Creation And This Process Has Been Non Stop And Never Ending. Feeling OR Thinking It Gets Easier Or Better Is A Lame Joke And Unless One Is Fully Ready To Walk Through Fire, Soak In Pure Ice And Even Drink Chloroform Offered In A Cup By The Annunakis As Pure Distilled Water, One Simply Isn’t.

Being Hit By Lightning Is A Unique Process Where The Whole Ego-Mind Construct Gets Very Suddenly Blown To Smithereens And That Is The Point Of No Return That Sets One’s Life Stage At The Razor’s Edge At All Times.

An Enlightened Being Is In Themselves The Kiss Of Death, Light Of The World. Attaining The Capacity To Remove The Very Scattered Pandora’s box Thought forms That Come Through After The Facts Takes Another Deceny Especially That A Strong Positive Evokes A Strong Negative In The World Of Duality Which is Fast Fading And Within The Old Paradigm Ego Is The Most Popular Form Of Expression So Soon As Beings See Or Notice A Being Having Been Chosen To Get Enlightened This Lifetime, The Amount Of Attacks And Attackers Mixed In With All The Lower Forms Of Expressions Of Emotions Targeted To Negatively Impact The Being And Stop Them By Any Means From Attaining Self Due To The Fact The Largest Majority Of Humans Simply Haven’t Done The Work And Are Lazy And Selfish So They Not Only Wanna Remain Dumb Themselves In Their Illusion Of Fake Comfort Zone, But They Also Want To Make Sure No Being Gains That Sort Of Knowledge Or Real Power.

These People Are Suckers Whose Genetic Coding Is Highly Hijacked By Ignoramus Alien Forces That Force Them To Betray Themselves At All Times And Despise Themselves Keeping Them Sick And Unable To Feel Or See The Vertical Force So They Are Always In Self Defeatist Mode And Major Denial. On Top Of All This That Doesn’t Work In Anyone’s Favor Whatsoever, These Beings Are Unable To Face Themselves And Take Accountability For Being In A Human Form And Never Put IT Upon Themselves To Simply Being True, Honest Real Let Alone Sorry.

Humans Also Have Created False Illusions Since Birth With Blue Tags For Baby Boys And Pink For Baby Girls And Up Until Adulthood They Believe That A Being In A Female Form “SHOULD” Behave In Certain Ways In Their Patriarchal Illusion Which Doesn’t Exist.

Venice Beach People Are Some Of The Happiest And Most Free People On Earth Feels So Good Here Even After A Sleepless Night Spent Out In The Cold On The Streets After A Sixfold PLUS Betrayal.

Denial Is A Force That Holds Human Potential Way Back And Backs Up The Real Enemy’s Plans.

Even Though I Could Have Given Answers Long Ago, I Keep On Doing The Work In Being The Mystery Card To Allow Everyone Else To REALIZE Themselves And Do The Work, Thing That Hasn’t Happened Yet Since They Are All Beheaded By The Dark Forces That Are Anti Evolution And That Constitute The Return Of The Living Dead.

This Octave Has Been So Incredibly Painful It Brought Me To My Knees In Utter Surrender And Despair No Longer Being Able To Go On Accepting The Lie At All.

AuroraSpeed And Thanks For Showing Your Gratitude And Care By donating As My Luggage Is Parked Outside Starbucks While I Write This For A Final Chance For All In Creation And Involved To Share Funds Since New Creation Cannot Begin From Homelessness And Poverty And Since It Is High Time For You All To Grant The Liberation You All Deserve.

Thanks In Advance! . PS: New Creation Surgeries Version 2019 Super Potent Makes Me Want To Worship My Own Self At All Times! Try It Out Only If You Have Balls!