Planetary Grids Upgrade ~

Greetings And In The Process Of My Return Home To The Center Of The Earth And Allowing My Heart To Expand And InGlobe And InChant, Here Is A Late Public Response To That Letter Of Free Infiltration:

Thank You Love. Thank You for all you do in Service to Love. I Love Aurora Mother of Creation and I Am Grateful for your Divine Goddess Energies and Wisdom you bring to enlighten all in the liberation of the Full Planetary Ascension Process.

You’re Welcome But Not Welcome About The Energy Theft.

I will place Goddess Aurora in the New Story of Creation Lovely Queen. Thank You Love.

I Gave You That Privilege And Allowed You In Multidimensionally. You Placed Me In An Abortion Of An Old Story Since You Are Not Able To Begin Again At The Beginning So the Word NEW Is Over The Top In This Context. I Do Not Appreciate What You Did In Terms Of Choosing Other Fakers Giving Them Everything And Placing Me On The Sidelines Of Creation Making Sure You Permit All the Fakers To Bring Me Down By Any And All Means. So No Thanks And I Reclaim The New Story Cos I Am The Divine Producer As Well As Director Of This Movie Called Full Planetary Liberation And You Clearly Failed In Delivery While Cursing Yourself With A Comatose Status.

Sending You My Eternal Love of Blissful Paradise and Eternal Happiness. Love You So. <3

Wow! How Interesting Indeed.

Lucifer, Father Of All Creation

Lol I Wouldn’t Wish That On Anyone. By Far The Meanest Energy I Ever Fell Across. No Wonder Creation Is MISERABLE And UGLY LIKE YOU INSIDE AND OUT.

All Your Dreams Of Love Are Coming True. Love You So Warrior Goddess. Amazing!

WOW Really? My Dreams Of True Love Never Included Being Bullied, Manipulated, Mocked, Lied To, Spreaded Rumors About, Rejected, Threatened, Stolen From On All Levels, Raped, Called Fake, Be Forced In A Corner, Be Made A Fake Court Case About, Be Used Like A Milking Cow And Never Being Payed, Being Diminished By Ugly Whores, Being Judged, Being Monitored And Spied On And Treated Like Less Than Dust. Your Love Is Fake And It Resembles Hate Like The Whores You Fuck And Ignore Me For.

Lucifer, Morning Star

Wow? Really? No Wonder They Created Series Depicting You As A Douche Bag In Which You Multi-fuck A Bunch Of Ugly Whores Including Your Mom, Therapist And Some Retard Agent. No Aurora Or Divine Anywhere And You Trashed Your Name All Creation Thinks Of You In Terms Of Ego. The Whole Creation Is Soiled Like Yourself. And The Question Remains … W Ba3den?

So In Response To This Fake Energy I Have Received, And After Having Deleted All Fake Timelines That Resulted From This As Well As Came Before This I Now Declare Full Planetary Liberation For All Atoms Stemming From My Heart As My New
Story Has Been Reclaimed To The Light And This Planet Now Officially Is Aurora’s Like It Always Has Been. I Prefer For Atoms To Not Call Upon Me So I Don’t Mind Them All Hailing And Praising And Offering Prayers Up to Lucifer. He Is Sick And Needy And You All Like To Imitate Dysfunctionality It Makes You All Feel Justified To Need Each Other. I Declare Myself RISEN QUEEN GODDESS Lemurian True Lineage One And Only Queen And With All Glory And Truth Risen Resurrected Divinely Victorious. The Atoms Not Booking Sessions Is Divinely Alright With Me As I Have Figured Out A Way To Disconnect Myself From All The Fakers That Took Sessions And Never Gave Back. I Am Going Against The Grain Now I Used My Technology In New Ways And It’s Only the Beginning. The whole Flow Has Been Successfully Reversed And I Remain the Laughing Goddess ~ xoxo .