Final*I*Eye*zed Event Energies Newdate ~ Glory In Resurrection

Resuscitation Of The Balanced Advanced Human Genome Codality Is Being Achieved With The Help Of Mother’s Newest And Recently Upgraded Galactic Team Here In Los Angeles Where The Lemurians Are Making Ground Beef Out Of The Atlantean Retarded Ego-Mind Frames OF Existential Madness In The Sadness.

Rainbow Aurora, Mother Of Creation, Holy Spirit Galactic Central Has Yet Again Performed A Surgery Early a.m On The Field Today Here At The Banana Bungalows Also Furthering The Energies Global As The Travelers Are My Biggest Asset In Energy Transmissions Hence My Lifestyle Choice Of Frequent Relocations To Speed Up The Process.

The Inner Body Atom Restructuring And Relocations Always Match The Outer And The Vessels Have Been Cleared For That Seed Of Renewal And Re-Creation Of The Dream And In A Way That Is Sure To Assemble All Former Attempts And Amplify It All Into One Concise Most Powerful And Eloquent Vertical Force That Is Untamable And Eternally Risen.

Processes Have Eternally Been Declared ENDED Now That Manifestation IS In Action And Rainbow Aurora Is Taking Decisive Steps Into Her Dreams Of True Love Coming True. False Promises And Expectations Begone *Forgave Them They Knew Not And Still don’t What They Did Do And Have Done, Do and Will Do!!!**