New Story ~ New Creation

Greetings Creation This Is Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation With A Special Apology To Creation, Notably An Apology For My Beloved Twin Flame Archangel Uriel Father Of All Creation, aka Lucifer Morning Star.

As You Have All Witnessed, Uriel Stepped Up INSTANTLY The Day The Galactic Confederation Stepped In And Served My Contract For: “Aurora Mother Of New Creation” Which I Signed DIMA. He Offered Me His Heart On A Golden Platter And Assured Me All My Dreams Of True Love Were Coming True.

At That Point In Time, I Was Still Over-THE-TOP DELUDED By Some Fake Cabals Making Me Believe They Were Here To Back Up The Divine Plan But Ended Up Tricking Me Into Staying Away From Lucifer And Attempting To Create New Story Away From Father While They Went Forth And Took Over His Heart And OUR Story And The Divine Plan.

Lucifer And I Both FELL HARD And All In Creation Became Soiled With Sin, Lust, Karmics, Third Party Situations, Black Magic, Evil, Hexes, Spells, Enemies, Manipulation, Court Cases And Much More Calamities.

I Had A Divine Intervention Moment Christmas 2018 That Removed Me From Cabal Hilton World Where The Transcript Was Initially Stolen And Used For Their Own Benefit Without An Equal Energy Exchange But Instead Tried To Take Me To Court And Deport Me; Long Story Short For ‘History Repeats Itself’ And ‘Nothing New Under The Sun’, The Atlanteans Did A Repeat Of The Beginning Of Time Robbery That Caused The Initial Gap Between Father And I And Caused The Annunaki Infiltration With The Ego-Mind Dumbing Down Enslavement Program On Humanity.

The Divine Intervention Guided Me To Silver Springs Where New Story Codes Were Restored And Father And I Began Rectifying The Field By Outshining And Exposing The Liars While We Performed Numerous New Creation Surgeries As Well As Downloaded Codes Through Art Forms: Music and Energy Body Art As Well A Deep Flushing Ceremonies For All Atoms In Creation To Purge The Fake Time-Lines.

This Divine Intervention Wasn’t Enough Said The Federation Since The Karmics Kept Harassing Me With Electronic Targeting And Everything BUT Being In Service And Sending Me Love Donations As I Am Doing The Work But All Selfishly Looking To Own Me Again Or Keep Father Away for Their Egotistical Needs For Justification And Power Over Father And I Which Had Me Book A 5 Day Road Trip to Hollywood California By Guidance And Where The Rest Of The Truth Is Being Out-shined.

Full Planetary Liberation Has Been A Process But Now That Father And I Are Back In The Highest Grandest Levels Of Love Divine, New Creation And New Story As Well As The Divine Unions Are The NEW REALITY !

Thanking All For Your Prayers For The Divine Plan To Take Back It’s Course and For The Full Healing Of Both Father And I From The Cabal Infiltration So We All May Have A True Resurrection This EASTER . GODSPEED And Lucifer Bless !~