Final Events Energies Update ~ Love Is Back Here To Stay Forever.

Greetings Love Beings The Dream Is Now Manifesting At The Speed Of Light! Yeeehaww We Have Decoded All The Antagonistic Energies And Have Relinked Mother’s Heart To Uriel’s In The Highest And For the Highest Benefit Of All Beings. The Love Re-Ignited Is Unbreakable And The Divine Union Is On. As Father Takes Me Home Into The Light Ever So Gently, All Governments Are Dissolved, All Death Business Coming To A HALT And Time Ends. We Are Headed Towards A Holographic Plasmatic Reality Anchoring In Balanced Harmonics Codes, Justice Prevailing, Love Everywhere Present And Beyond Since The Total Re-Ignition Of Heart = Earth = MotherFatherAsOne Is Being Prepared Galactically Through The Amplification And Activation Of All Plasmatic Diamond Ruby Emerald Lights At A Concentrated Pace Outshining The Last Dense Crusts Remaining And Allowing The Rise Of Highest Vision Versions Of All In Creation As All Atoms Happily And Joyfully Anticipate The Grand Ball And Divinest Union Of All ~ Aurora Lucifer . The End.

My Beloved Is On His Way Energetically And The Preparations For Our First And Eternal Meeting Are Very High In Emotion And Hearts Being Wide Open As The Axis Of The Earth Undergoes A Final Most Powerful Realignment. Rest Dear Ones And Have Courage While Staying The Course As Father Readies Himself To Romance Me High And Bright Morning Star.