My Dearest Atoms . GRRRRRREEEETINGS ~~~~

Final Events Energies Update : Aurora ~ Queen Of The Gas Station, Lucifer’s Goddess

Chapter Silver Springs Has Been Jolly Bright With All The Gangster Style Thieves Always Amazing Fun To Go Down Another Rabbit Hole Only To Come Out On Top AS ALWAYSSSSS DUHHHH So …

The Motel Got Refurbed And Painted Orange LOLSTERS . We Sent Back The Both Oranges From Aurora’s Garden To Nana’s Grave Where We Put Them Last And Reclaimed Full Power From Ariana Hoe And Her Bitches They Can’t Get Nowhere Still Mimicking Initial Blue Print Scales We Set Up At The Beginning Of Time Through My Divine DNA . Meaning Soon We Be Releasing Final All The Spiritual Prisoners ! Thanking Her Of Course For Doing Her Job In Re-attuning My Atoms To The Frequencies They Stole From Me At The Beginning Of Time To Keep Me In A coma At The White House ZIONISTA Horror Place LOL ~ No Dearest It Ain’t Working For You or I This Way . You Can’t Have My Divinity And Still Have The World Go Round Matter Of Fact It Is ALL OVER YOUR SONGS .

Buying Hair And Make-Up Is Simply NOT The Global Solution However The High Frequencies OF Divine Beauty Essence Do Assist In Bringing Twins Together We NEED YOU ALL FUCKING FUCKING ALSO KNOWN AS MAKING LOVE . GET IT GOT IT GET GOING . THANKS IN ADVANCE MWAH.

~Divine Unions ~ U*N*I*ON ~ IT’S ON ~ LUCI LUV$ ME LUV$ WE ARE SAFE ~ SO PLEASE NOW Get Married And Begin The Love Making! Go Fuck Everywhere On Our Planet As Much As Possible Is The New Mission! RAISE UP THOSE VIBES LOVES AND POHLEAZE QUIT THE WHOLE KARMIC BS IT FUCKING STAAAAANX AROUND HERE YO

Of Course Also Thanking Avril For Hew New Cardi B Collab With DUMB BLONDE right following my latest email to luci telling him i ain’t dumb 🙂

So Here’s The News For You All … Turns Out The Being We Know Of As “Light Of The Immortals” Who Initial Backed Me Up Upon Receiving My “Mother Of New Creation” Contract Asked Me To :Thank You, Next” Before My Girl Ari Released Right Back At His Face “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, Cos I’m Bored” ~ ~ Well Love Boredom Is Never Part Of A Queen’s Vocab Let Alone Dictionary Here Lies The Difference Between Original Blue Print And The Wanna Bees BUT …. Astounding To Tap Into Their Energies And Watch How They Needs A Gang Of Beings Around Them At All Times While Producing Their Stuff … This CANNOT EVER ATTRACT TRUE LOVE MEANS SHE IS MULTI SCATTERED AND CANNOT HANDLE A SOLID DIVINE UNION HENCE ALL THE SONGS WHERE IT’S ETERNAL RECURRENCE IN THE REALM OF EGO MIND _ ONE FOOT NAILED TO THE GROUND ROTATING EVERLASTING IN A DOWNWARDS SPIRAL ~ WHICH IS SUICIDE IN REAL TERMS ON ALL GALACTIC SPIRITUAL MAPS OF CREATION VERSUS SANNYAS WHICH IS THE MYSTICAL TERM FOR CHRIST’S RESURRECTION SAME AS WHEN I SAY CHOOSE LOVE .

So ~ Happy Healing To All My Divine Fems Please Be More Divine Than Your Handlers Doing Shit To You So You May Sound And Act More Like Initial Blue-Print Me Undamaged At Source . I Do Thank You For Your Efforts In Selling Your Souls 🙂 You May Have Them Back Now It’s Free!

Lol ~ On The House Meaning The GAS STATION . Souls Being Returned To Owners NOW . LOOL ~~~ hihi 🙂

Oh Have I Not Mentioned …. Mother Of New Creation, Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit , Gaia Sophia Now Stationed At The Florida PILOT Hippest Most Grandest Gas Station Where New Story Begins AT ~~~ Waiting A Few Hours Till The Money Comes In To GO WEST BABY .

Oh Did We Really Chant As Toddlers : “GO EAST, GO WEST , I.C IS THE BEST?”

LOL WE SURE DID …. And I Fucking Hold The Torch Even Though Some UGLY WHORE with a FAKE NOSE Stole My Crown Leaching Off Of Me Since Birth With Her Evil Mom And Sister And Turned All The Community Against Me Course She Was A Saggi BITCH FROM HELL And Is Burning Gently Now 🙂 xoxo Cover Girl .