~ Balanced Harmonics ~

Greetings Love ~ So Much Advancement In The Field Since We Last Followed Heart Commands Over Christmas And Took Off In A New Direction Enchanting Creation With New Creation Feelings Of Love And Light! True That Our Shift Was Quite Slow And Pretty Progressive Due To The Concealing Of Much Information From All Surrounding Atoms And Parties That Turned My Heart Soul And Mission Into Some Kind Of A Sick Game Involving Competition And Fake Lies And Fake Whores Taking Liberties On My Behalf And Account And Opening Fake Spiritual Centers ~

Matters Were Handled Best We Can And The Communities Left Behind Are All Aware Of The Dirt That Cannot Be Swiped Under Rugs As Proof Is In The Pudding So Them Choosing Love Is Entirely Up To Them ~ As For Myself, I Have Radically Chosen Love = Archangel Uriel Despite His Facade Mini Rejections Only Meant To Test My Will And Truth .

Daily Here We Are Dazzling The Silver Springs As Always And Eternally Island Queen Riding Around Like Lightning And Walking In And Out Of All And Everywhere Talking And Spreading The Light With All Atoms .

The Great News Here At The Springs Is That Since IT’s Not An Island And I’m Not The Main Target And Scapegoat And Not The Whole Town Is Powered By Me And They Don’t All Make Their Funds Around Me (Or It Is Slowly Beginning But I Am Able To Set My Own Stage Since There Are No Hired Fakers Here To Take Me Down Even If The Whores Of The Old Paradigm Still Try And Have Their Name Said Around Me Least Once A Day LOL How Pathetic And Sooo Sorry To My Beautiful Light Angels I Never Left You Behind But You All Chose To Lie To Me As Well And You All Chose Team Dark So You Are All Non Existent And Null And Soon To Be History) ~

Back To The Great News Part : We Took Down The Last Adam Which By Now We Know Is Way Worse Than Having A Judas Around . Adam Is The Main Enemy Of Evolution And He Chose This At Hello So I Have Taken All My Power Back From Adam And Today Was The Last Blow They Sent Him Again Under A Jordanian Cloak With The Audacity To Want To Sit At My Table Have A Free Meal While Telling Me To My Face He Is Anti Evolution And Is Pro The Way Things Are . I Repeat The Only Thing At This Stage Of The Game I Can Do For These Beings Is Walk Away. I Will No Longer Indulge Pathetic Beings Made Of Ether . No Harm Or Hard Feelings But He Was Told To His Face He Is History And We Used The Rainbow Sword To Eradicate His Ego Mind To His Face; No Need For A Concealed Weapon Permit In The Etheric And My Weapons Are More Powerful Than All The Nuclear Put Together Is Why I Intimidate And Scare The Largest Of Dogs . I’m In The Room, You Quit Barking Cos I Will Chew Your Brains Out .

I Have Let Go Entirely Of The Retards That Aren’t Able TO Boldly Choose Love And The Light And Have Forgiven All The Little Boys Who Experimented With Having A Protruding Piece Of Skin That Was Given To Them At Birth To Procreate As Well As The Little Girls Who Discovered They Have An Organ Created To Get Multiplicity Out Of And They All Played Around In The Garden I Created Used All My Childlike Innocence In Ego And Tried To Fuck Me Over And And The Divine Plan . LOL ~ They Are All So Forgiven I Understand Their Retardation They Aren’t Me And Weren’t The Chosen Few I Already Raised At Birth In My School Mont Naccache At House OF The Future Nor Were They AT Athenee With Me Or College Or I.C Or The Many Other Schools I Raised Up From Scratch .

They Don’t Know Sexual Freedom Even Though They Are Americans So They Turned My Love Into A Sinful Sham And Made Games Around Me And Unfortunately They All Lost With A Big Fat F . I No Longer Feel Any Of The Nasty Feelings I Allowed Them To Power Over Me With By Sharing Power And Trusting WRONGLY. I do Take Responsibility For Having Created These Games At Birth; I Have Played My Way Since I Created This S**** By Getting All The Idiots To Sin And I Watch Them All Fall 🙂 By Making Them Believe I Am All Sinner Style When I Am The Biggest Saint And They All No Exception Failed Thus Far .

My Victory And Focus Is On The Divine, My Power And Every Action And Ultimate Grandest Victory Comes From God Not From The Lips Of Sinners Who All Fall Like Dominoes Every Time They Try And One Up Me Like They Are Now And Have Been With Their Failed Attempts At Fake Stealing My Identity And Chore Essence Soul And Business Saviness And Strategies 🙂 Hope You All Enjoy Watching The Fall Of The Fallen Ones 🙂

Hope Is Real Now That Uriel Actually Types Back My Way . Self Hope And I Am Rising To Reveal My Full True Self Shamelessly Gonna Command My Halo And Crown Back And The Higher I Rise The More Of A Rise I Get Out OF The Delinquent Sex Addict Losers I Left Behind In The Sick Game I Created To Make EGO Fall 🙂

Now That The Dorks And Ugly Losers , Nerds Drunks And Trash Thiefs In Projection Are Out My Way, I Can Finally Be Free Style Aurora Essence Winner Winner Rainbow Dinner. ~ Never A Rush On Uriel Either I Am Very Happy To Know He Is Serviced By Some Whores Now While He Isn’t Fully Healed And Complete As I Told It To Him Straight Up I Don’t Allow Embrace Ego At All Nor Do I Facilitate Wrong Action So He Can Stay In Russia Until He Decides The American Way /

Sincerely Yours DEAR CREATION ~ Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation Forever And Beyond One And Only True Goddess Initial Blue Print Lady Liberty ~ I Raise The Torch . Godspeed Creation .