Take Two ~ Final Events Energies Update For OCT 22.

Gone Girl ~

Please Book Your Follow Ups Dear Ones As Your Minds Have All Been Once More Hijacked By Cabal Intelligence . For A Minute I Was Proud Of You All For Making Your Dreams Of True Love Come True .

You All Are Miserable And Unsatisfied Cos What You Made Out Of My Gifts To You Was Transform All I Gave Into Ego And Cash Me Out While Trying To One Up Me By Coming Against Universal Will And Trying To Push The Dima Illusory Agenda That You All Cling To To Justify How You Are All Suckers To Your Own EGOS . And You Didn’t Pay.

The Church In California Of Mother-OF-All-Creation Was Correct To Call Out The Pastors At Church And Denounce Them For Trying To Take My Power Away …

Not Only Did They, Once Again This Year, Mess Up Huge By Stating The Church Doesn’t Welcome Lucifer . That Is A Personal Attack That I Took Upon Myself With The Head Pastor Deciding To Ask Me To Renounce Myself In Front Of The Whole Assembly Which Has Me No Longer Go There After That Day …. But The Younger Ones That Baptized Me And The Whole Church Approved Of My Registry Name On The Church Year Book Being My Archangel Name, Still Wants To Play The Local Game Of Diminishing And Denying Just Cos They Want To Worship A God Outside Themselves And Not Take Responsibility For Being The Change And Christ Consciousness .

Ignorance Is Not The Same As Love . Changing Jesus’ True Teachings Also Isn’t What This IS About .

Lucifer Is The Bringer Of The Light . Me Having Been Born Lucifer And Having Been Modified At Birth For This Reason Has Me Now See Clearly How Rainbow Aurora Was Always My Higher Self (Proof Is In The Pudding; It Was In Every Painting, Every Piece I Wrote, Every Jewel Or Piece Of Clothing I Designed, And Every Action ..) Loved Lucifer Through Loving Dima On Her Way Back To Self.

In Truth Aurora Has Been Way Too Busy Facilitating Things Between Dima And Herself; The Inner Battle Has Been Real And Where It’s At Now Is The Realization That Dima Has Been And Will Always Be My Greatest Asset, Friend And Teacher. There IS No Way On Earth I Would Have Been Able To Get So Far Minus Dima .

Her Brilliant Ways Have Protected Me So Amazingly And My Lineage And Our Soul Mission Is About To Give Thanks To The Efforts We All Put Into Dima And My Surrender To Accepting My Destiny And Making The Best Of What Humanity Allowed.

I Am so Grateful That This Time Around I Wasn’t Burnt At The Stake Like It Was Customary And Like I Was Many Life-Times Before.

I Got Away This Time, And I Am So Very Glad I Was Able To Make It Out Alive.