Final Events Energies Update ~ Heaven Police On Duty // Aurora Head Cop.

Greetings And Welcome To Another One Of Those Days Where I Am On Earth From Heaven And Faced With The Most Absurd People In Ego Trying To Teach Me Everyday How To Stop Being Genius And How To Be Retard Style .

It’s Gotten So Old Though, And I’m Way Advanced And I Am So Done Even Giving What That Has Been The Time Of Day Whatsoever. I No Longer Feel Any Compassion For Retardation And It Is An Abomination When It Has Enough Balls To Still Try To Pull A Quickie On Me.

The Retards Are All Such Retards That The Most Sexual Being In Creation Has Lost Her Libido . 100% I Am So Turned Off I Never Felt This Way Ever Before . It Is Very Strange To Be In My Fire Body Minus The Heat And The Fire . Just Way Better This Way Knowing How Dirty The Minds Of Humanity Are And Having Been Projected On The Most Horrific Energies Since The Beginning Of Time, Lied To And Betrayed By Every Person I Dared Trust …


Being A Hot Intelligent Sexy Illuminated Archangel Landing On Earth Is Not A Piece Of Pie , We Are Lucky If We Make It Out Alive . Humans Are Vile And Evil Is All They Know And The Funniest Is They Are All In Denial And Avoidance .

I Fought It And Tried To Shine Each Being’s Diamond Selflessly; To No Avail . They Are All The Same Ingrate And Unconscious Loser In Ego .

Cheers To No Sex . Lost Libido . Least The Dark Portal Is Closed Now Which Is All That Matters . No Clue How In The World I Can Bring Myself Back To Life But I Can’t Be Bothered Anymore .

The Pain Levels Of The Right Shoulder Now That The Earth Axis Is Being Redressed And Magnetism Being Adjusted Are At An All Time high . A Ten Is An Understatement, The Pain Feels Like I Am Being Drilled Into All Day Every Day On My Right Side Shoulder .

Love It When I No Longer Am In My Element And I Get Super Turned Off …. Finally! Sub Humans Don’t Deserve More From Me . UGH .

Can’t Wait To See How My Galactic Team Is Gonna Once More One Up The Imbeciles And Restore My Throne!