what it is ..

when two people get in union , if one of the parties is a “shamouta” meaning is a slut and sleeps around, it is not a matter of dork / shmork / cool / uncool / nerd / or whatever else i heard by the imbeciles .

and even during my marriage, had my husband been able to not leak energies and share the love all over the place keeping the field open to all and every entity, he would have made the grade .

same for all . some american military young man sat at the bar next to me couple days ago and told me all about his latino wife now detained for another month before they see each other again and described ‘her rules’ in him sleeping with non latinas until she gets out etc …

in truth, the love between two beings in union will NEVER give if one party is unfaithful and not fully invested .

the worst is when they are dumb enough to lie about things after the act and after the fact that you know about it and face them about it . that should not be permitted on earth . these humans that cannot take responsibility for their actions after the age of 2 should not be given jobs and cars and credit cards … but they are your managers and your superiors and they hold moneys and cars and homes and a bunch of lies and ambulant entitlement and they manipulate you by being narcissistic vampires that suck onto your energy and use you as food . and you all love that and cannot stand love.

love is sacred and all the attempts of the ppl to force it and skew it or even ignore and deny it … total madness.

but not only is it permitted on earth to completely ignore and trash love, it is herofied and it receives raises at work for fucking up an archangel of love’s life and dreams … just cos some dicks have egos .

truly . this shit stinks .

ambulant garbage . shouldn’t be allowed public circulation . but it’s all that it seems and if you’re not that you’re called a dork and a nerd by the dorks  …..

life in hell , these people aren’t on earth .

can’t wait to be done and given the go to leave this all where it belongs . in a place that never happened .