……… while the world ends .

Birds Chirping . Humans Drowning . In Deep .

Truth Is Truth And Words About Words Are Only Lies To Mask That .

Anytime A Need For Words Arises, Conflict Is Brewing In The Air . Anything Besides “How Are You Feeling”, “I Love You” And “What Can I Do For You” Is Already Way Over The Top Unless The Words Are Here To Co-Create With Like-Hearted People ..

We Don’t Do Gossip In 5D … Nor Do We Do Linear Conversation.

That Mind Stuff Can Never Work; A Zero (Enlightened Master) , Can Super Well Navigate All Types Of Mock Partnerships Like An Ace. All We Do Is Laugh, Smile And Say: “Is That So?” . We Are Non Action Based After A Certain Level Of “Being Hit By Lightening” And Can Only Respond To Energies That Are Incoming. Why We Are So Great At Maintaining Long Term Relationships With People Who Are Usually Impossible To Be Around For More Than Five Minutes Consecutive, Or With People Who Are Only In It For Themselves?: We Are Only Here To Mirror And Reflect Until Their Lesson Is Learnt Then We Have Permission From The Universe To Go To The Next Baby Who Comes Crying For Mother’s Milk ………………..

Story Of My Life And Nothing Ever New Under The Sun . History Repeats Itself Same S*** Different Day And It’s All God To Us . Every Breath In And Out …. God . Breathe In Love And Out Love , Nothing Else Left For Us To Do ….

The Rest Is Hecting = Conscious Acting .

And Then One Day, We Get Biometrics Done While Venus Retrogrades In Our Astro Zone, And The Next Day, We Change Our Name Back To True .

The Rest …………. True Love Only Comes Around Once …. It’s Hit Or Miss …..

Souls Come Infinite Amounts Of Time Before They Are Ready To Merge In Perfect Marriage With Another Soul Under Love ………………

The Rest Rest …. Just Breath .

Nothing Fake Can Last , Unless Of Course The Zombification Process Is So Complete They Can’t Tell Fake From Real Anymore So They Stay Eternally In Fake Bonds Until They Decide To Wake Up And CHOOSE Vertical Ascension (If Ever Or They Come Back Around). All Horizontal Movement Is Generally In Vain, Hence My Sticking Around To This Location Under Such Pressure; How Else Does One Get A Perfect Grade Diamond Formed Besides Under Ultra-High Pressure?


As Dima Tabrawi Ends …… The World As You Know It Shuts Down .

The Old Can No Longer Exist . It Was Ordered Out Of Creation 8 Hours Consecutive In Deep Meditation With The High Councils Of Light In Meeting.

5 …. 4 …… 3 ……. 2 ……….1

She Holds, The Gun ^