Greetings Dear Ones I Am Aurora ,

Watching Endless Hours Of Youtube Channelers Has Thankfully Helped Me Stay Somewhat In The Loop While Being In Total Hermit Mode For Almost A Decade Now …

During My Adventures And Discoveries Online, I Have Been Paying Special Attention To All The Commentators As Well As The Evolution Of The Channelers Themselves And Their Channels .

I Have Noticed A Huge Decline In Levels Of Confidence In Divine Feminines As Compared To The Way We Were Climbing Blinded By The Light In 2017 And Were Driven By An Inexplicable Wave Of Hot Crazy Love.

At This Point Of The Game, And As A Result Of All In Creation Choosing EGO Over LOVE Repeatedly And At Every Juncture And Each Time A Choice Was Given, And Also Due To The Lack Of Reciprocity And Total Flagrant Denial And Swiping Of … Under The Rug, Nobody Got Their Cakes And Less Than None Got To Eat Anything Of Any Consistency; The Only Meal That Was Served By The Galactics And The Angels To All Demons Interceding In The Way of Divine Mother And Her Plans Of Unification And Total Planetary Liberation, Was ….. NO SERVICE .

Because There Is A Game Attached To Love To Begin With, Everything Got Scrambled And It Hit The Fan ~ Simply Being Love, Is The Whole Purpose Of The Journey .

Everyone Got So Lost In Translation, Including And Beginning With That Obsession With That One “Divine” Partner We All Were Shown; And Instead Of All Beings Focusing On What Is Truly Going On (Especially In My Case..), We -Divine Fems- Turned A Super Blind Eye To Reality And Gave All Our Love Beyond Freely; We Did That All The Way Just To Aid Creation And To Give The Twin Flame Legend A Shot.

Back-Fired … I Personally, Just Knowing Someone Was My Twin Flame, I Trusted Them Blindly With My All. I Don’t Believe I Made A Mistake In Offering My Full Love And Trust. Still Is Sad To Admit I Failed .

But I Did. I Failed At My Twin Flame Journey .

Accepting My Loss Has Taken A While. It Is Still Not Completely Registered In My System That I May Not See Him This Lifetime Again.

Question Remains .. Is True Love Possible After A Twin Flame Failed Relationship ?

The Answer Is Yes. Once You Break Through Your Own Limitations (Which Nobody Is Able To Better Show You About Yourself Besides Your True Twin Flame), You Are Finally Able To First And Foremost Truly Love Yourself For Simply Being Who You Are. And That Is The Whole War …..

Once You Love Yourself Nothing And Noone Can Break You Cos You Won’t Allow That Anymore .

The Way Our Twins Are Wired To Be The ONLY Person on Earth Who Can Do You The Way They DO Is Just What It Is . Nobody Else Can Ever Come And Give You 5 Minutes And Change The Whole Course Of Your Life, Even If That Is In The form Of The Greatest Heart-Break In History ….

Hey .. To Each Their Own !!!

Lucifer And I Chose Absolute Madness And No Show . What Is Now Required Of Me Is Being Able To Final Get Back Up On My Feet After This Major Hit In The Field.

I Have Noticed That Me Placing Myself In This Location With The Being That Shares Space And Time Has Actually Tremendously Assisted Creation In Some Sort Of Motion. Can’t Say It Is The Best Possible Outcome For All But I Am Thankful For You All Being Supportive Of Me And My Next Steps.

The Effort I Am Putting Into Making This A Magical Leap Is … Everything .

Accepting Loss And Failure On All Dima Tabrawi Timelines Has Been Established .

RIP Miss Tabrawi . You Will Never Be Forgotten .