Break-Down To Break-Through ~

Sitting With One’s Pain .. That Can Take Decades For Most And Only Very Few Can Physcially, Mentally, Emotionally And At A Soul Level Align Themselves Perfectly After Having Transmuted All Those Lower Emotions.

Today, October First, Is Just One Of Those Memorable Days, Spent In Tears Which Is The Equivalent To Highest Levels Of Joy … Highest Levels Of Pain .

You Can Get To Heaven Via Positiva Or Via Negativa . To Each Their Own And My Shtick Deffo Involved Tonz And Tonz Of Dew Drops ~ ~ ~

“Killing” One’s Ego Is An Actual Real Physical Thing. The Ego/Mind Program That Was Super-Imposed On Humanity When The Annunakis Created The Gap Between Left And Right Brain Hemispheres To Dumb Down Humanity, Actually Takes Physical Form In Different Parts Of The Body And “Wires” Each Individual Humanoid To Behave In Certain Erratic Ways That They Created Names For: “PTSD, Paranoia, Aloofness, Thinking You Know Better Than Love, Putting Your Mind Up On a Pedestal, Jealousy, Envy, Greed, Lack Of Self Love” … And Much More And They Also Created A Whole Industry Of Meds To Further Numb Down The Real Cause Of The Symptoms As Well As A Whole Industry Of Non Comestible Foods That Are Not Even Real Food To Also Further Encourage The Death Business Which Has Turned Humans Into Self Admitted “Rats” Happily Making Believe They Are Enjoying What They Refer To As A “Rat Race”. Total Cheese, And All Fall For Pizza Gate And So Much More Absolute Madness …

My “Killing My Ego” Journey Has Been A Very “Woman On The Cross” Type Of Deal And That Includes My Rise To Aurora .

The Term “Killing” Dima Is A Little Sad So In Truth Dima Always Remains My Greatest Personal Hero ~ !!

Once Ego Is Out , God’s Full Throttle BACK IN !!!!

Love, Flowers And Sunshine For All ^

Transitions Always Are A Little Nostalgic So The Best Way To Go About It Is To Enjoy The Crying Aftermath … LOL  (That Clear Look In Your Eyes When You Cry Rivers..)

Quick Note To Ariana …. Hi Love, I Can Lend You Some Tears If You’d Like …. And Your Friends Too … Hit Me Up Lemme Know .. Oh And You Can Call Me Lord 😉